Making a Plan To Keep The Happiness Going 

It’s hard to think we’ve been doing this Happiness Challenge for 30 days.

These are some ways to cultivate happiness and keep it going that I’ve found to be effective.  Remember that the purpose of happiness is to allow you to make a meaningful contribution to the world around you as well as taking care of yourself and raising your overall awareness focusing more on good things.

Happiness comes from within. It cannot be developed from the outside.  However, it can be enhanced by keeping a positive outlook and even a sense of humor. Here are some tips worth remembering in a nutshell:

Show gratitude. Be grateful for what you have and for the people in your life. It will keep you in a good vibe.

Stay organized. Organize your life as much as possible. Keep your thoughts, plans and actions organized.

Take care of your health. It’s better to eat healthy, exercise and keep a healthy life. After all, your health is your wealth.

Do good. It’s not enough to just be a good person. You should do good in this world and actively help people.

Smile. Smiling can literally change your whole outlook.

Meditate. Meditation is the best way to stay grounded. You can meditate anywhere, anytime.

Have fun. You need to have fun and laughter in your life. They fuel happiness:)

We covered a lot of ground, and I’m sure you’re seeing a lot of development and growth if you followed up with the techniques offered and made an effort to enhance your mood, thankfulness, and joy.

Let’s take a moment to review everything we’ve covered so far:

  1. Why Happiness Is A Choice You Make Every Day
  2. Commit To Cultivating Happiness
  3. The Question is: What Makes You Happy?
  4. Begin Your Day With Gratefulness
  5. The Forgotten Link Between Doing Things and Happiness
  6. There’s no Place for Stress When You’re a Happier Person
  7. Exercise and Happiness: What You Need To Know
  8. We Need Human Interaction and Connections
  9. Savor The Small Stuff Instead Of Sweating It
  10. Find Happiness When Your Body Feels Stuck in a Moment of Sadness and Overwhelm
  11. Fighting the Negativity Bias in Our Brain
  12. Create A Support System Of Happy People Around You
  13. Why Getting Enough Sleep Could Be A Key To Happiness
  14. Boost Your Confidence And Become A Happier Person
  15. What Happens When You Brighten Someone’s Day
  16. When All Else Fails: Fake It Until You Make It
  17. Tracking Your Feelings of Gratitude is Like a Battery That Recharges You
  18. The Way To Deal With Negative Thoughts and Emotions
  19. Learn to Live and Be Present in the Moment
  20. It’s Better to Communicate in a More Positive Way
  21. Giving Back Boosts Our Happiness
  22. Become A Happier You With The Mind Quieting Exercise
  23. Trade Material Things For Experiences Instead
  24. Clear Out Your Mind And Your Life
  25. Stop Complaining About Problems and Start Doing Something About Them
  26. How to Improve Your Mood With Nutrition Anytime of the Year
  27. Giving Yourself Some Time In a Busy Hectic World
  28. When Being Happy Spreads Like Wildfire
  29. The Body & Mind Will Thank You With Happiness After 28 Days
  30. Making a Plan To Keep The Happiness Going

I hope you’ve been enjoying and following along with this happiness challenge.

It’s remarkable what happens when you start paying attention to how you feel and doing what you can to boost your happiness and the happiness of others around you.

I hope you found some tools, tactics, suggestions, and ideas to assist you boost your joy in life.

What are your next steps?

You keep implementing and practicing being happy on a regular basis.

Remember the Happiness Journal I mentioned on day 17? It’s a wonderful tool for keeping yourself on track.

Keep returning to these posts as needed. It could be a good idea to save this post as a quick reference tool.

Since the only constant thing in life is change and we can’t control change, learning to accept it is very important. You can never be happy until you learn to be happy with what you have.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you have a million dollars or no money at all, as long as you have peace of mind. Be happy with what you have and what you are. You’ll be able to see the good things in life that you might have missed before. Make happiness a habit.

Above all, never stop learning, never stop smiling, and never stop expanding your joy and your happiness.

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