The Body & Mind Will Thank You With Happiness After 28 Days

Throughout the past 28 days, we’ve talked a lot about happiness and what we can do to improve our overall well-being. Our discussions have ranged across a wide range of topics ranging from how sleep, physical activity, and diet can affect our mood to basic methods such as clearing clutter and being appreciative for what we have.

I know you are reading this article because you want to change your life. You want to feel better, be healthier, and live a happier life. That’s why we have been focusing on “happiness” for the last 28 days.

The main idea that I hope you have gained throughout this time is this: When you focus more on positive things, on solutions, and learning more about yourself, you will undoubtedly experience more reasons in your life to feel happy about.

This focus on happiness will start to have a huge impact on your mind, the way you think, and how you perceive yourself. But as this grows within and is continuously cultivated, you will also experience positive effects in your body. Feeling more energy and an overall feeling of well-being will be some of the benefits.

With these two things improving in your life, you also experience spiritual growth that will take you to new levels of awareness.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a brief summary of what we’ve accomplished so far, and we’ll make some ideas for where we want to go from here. This morning, however, as the 30 Day Happiness Challenge draws to a conclusion, I thought it would be a good idea to take stock and assess whether or not consciously focusing on happiness is having an impact.

What do you think? I know it has for me, but how about you? I hope you’ve been following along and putting some of the ideas to use as you go.

The keeping of a journal is something that we’ve discussed in the past. At the time, the aim was to use journaling to cultivate gratitude and pay attention to the positive aspects of ourselves that we may otherwise overlook. This same journal will also serve as an excellent tool for evaluating your progress during the challenge. Compare and contrast the earlier entries with the most recent ones, or even how you’re feeling right now. Hopefully, you are seeing more and more significant improvements.

It’s vital to remember that we all go through different stages in our lives at different times. There are moments when we are generally happier, as well as others when life is more challenging and even depressive. It’s very acceptable to go through more depressing times. In one of the posts for this challenge, it was said that it would be a bit of a shame if we only experienced happiness in our lives.

We need to experience some of the gloomy days in order for the happy to stand out more. It’s difficult to appreciate the good times when you’re not going through difficult times.

It’s ok too to be in a tough situation. It’s not pretty, but I believe things happen for a reason. And I believe this reason to be for us to grow mentally, spiritually, and even physically. Prepare yourself and your loved ones to get through this difficult time and then work on restoring joy and pleasure to your lives as much as you possibly can.

More than anything, I hope that this short little challenge has awakened your senses to the beauty and joy that surrounds you every day. It’s so easy to be pulled into our daily routines and problems to the point that we lose sight of the people and things that bring us happiness in the first place. We hope that by participating in this challenge, you will become more conscious of them and develop new, constructive habits that you will be able to bring with you into the future.

What happens next will be discussed in greater detail in the final part of this series, which will be published on Monday. For the time being, I hope this has been of assistance to you, and I would appreciate hearing from you about how you found it and what you found most useful. Feel free to leave a comment, connect with me on social media, or contact me via email. I’m looking forward to hearing from you in the future.

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