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We Need Human Interaction and Connections

We are social creatures who want interpersonal interactions, whether we like it or not. It is ingrained into our brains because we need to work together to secure our species’ existence. To...

Exercise and Happiness: What You Need To Know

When you’re having a terrible day or feeling sad, exercising may be the best method to boost your mood. Exercise has a substantial correlation with improved mood and well-being. Give it a shot...

Begin Your Day With Gratefulness

Let’s talk about being thankful. Gratefulness is all about appreciating the positive aspects of our lives. Starting our day by reflecting on all of the things we are grateful for is a terrific...

The Question is: What Makes You Happy?

We started talking about happiness in yesterday’s post, and you started thinking about what makes you happy. It was part of our dedication to happiness. Today we’ll delve a little deeper...

Commit To Cultivating Happiness

What does it mean to be completely dedicated to something? It frequently implies that you pick a goal and then commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve that objective. When we marry, we commit to...

Why Happiness Is A Choice You Make Every Day

Are you a glass half full or half empty person? This is a great example to illustrate that there are often two sides to any story and that you have a choice in how you view things. And that choice...

We each have the power to redirect our thinking and choose how we perceive every experience we go through. We can see the positive or negative side of things.

Ultimately, this will affect our lives with every moment whether we learn from a difficult and painful experience or let it get to us. Life can happen to us, but it is the realization that we can also make life happen that can change the course of our existence and experience in life.

Our thoughts are a direct reflection of the reality we create on the outside. What we choose to focus on with our mind and heart will directly impact not only our individual lives, but that of others as well.

Discover how the getting out of negative thinking journey started.


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