The Question is: What Makes You Happy?

We started talking about happiness in yesterday’s post, and you started thinking about what makes you happy. It was part of our dedication to happiness. Today we’ll delve a little deeper. There are numerous things that make us joyful on a daily basis. Consider the modest pleasures that bring a grin to your face. It could be a person, an object, an event, an action, a song, or something else… The list could go on and on.

Doing something that makes us joyful every day is a simple method to boost our overall happiness and contentment. That is something you should work on during this task. To make the rest of this challenge easier, let’s construct a list of what makes us happy. This will, of course, be different for every one of us.

Let me suggest a few suggestions and things to consider. Then grab a pen and a notebook, or a piece of paper, or, if you prefer, open your laptop and begin typing. I want you to compile a list of the things that bring you joy.

Do not overthink it. Make no attempt to create an ordered and categorized list. Instead, simply begin brainstorming and jotting down ideas. Do not feel obligated to come up with everything at once. Feel free to add to the list as time passes, and get into the habit of noticing things that make you happy and adding them to the list throughout the challenge and beyond.

Let us begin with the major ones that make us happy. Who in your life makes you happy? What things do you own that makes you happy? What activities and hobbies bring you a lot of happiness? Think large here and choose what has the most influence on your mood.

This could also include what gestures or behaviors make you grin the most. Places are an excellent bonus. Perhaps you are happiest at the beach.

Then consider the small things that make you happy. Perhaps it’s the first cup of coffee in the morning, a lovely flower in your garden, or five minutes to yourself. Simply become more conscious of what makes you happy or puts a grin on your face.

Stop and pay attention whenever this occurs, and continue to add to your list of things that make you happy. It will be a valuable resource during the course of this adventure. As an added benefit, just glancing through this large list of people and things that make you happy will make you grateful and joyful.

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