Commit To Cultivating Happiness

What does it mean to be completely dedicated to something? It frequently implies that you pick a goal and then commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve that objective. When we marry, we commit to a relationship, we commit to a profession or a career, and we may commit to a pastime. But today, I’d like to focus on making a commitment to fostering happiness.

In yesterday’s post, I discussed how at least some of our happiness is directly connected to a decision we make. I also revealed my intention for organizing this 30 Day Challenge: to help us make a conscious decision to be happier and to establish a new habit of having a more positive view.

Making a commitment to this task and to happiness is the first step in making that happen. This is true for any new habit you wish to develop in yourself.

The first step is always to make a commitment to it. Then it’s a matter of everyday repetition until the new behavior or activity becomes a true habit. By the way, a habit is anything you do without conscious thought or effort.

Our path to become a happy version of ourselves is no different. We must make a commitment to happiness. Of course, it isn’t as simple as telling yourself that you will be happier from now on. While this is very helpful, it isn’t quite that straightforward. Before we can genuinely commit to happiness, we must first determine what it is that makes us happy.

Spend some time today thinking about what makes you happy and what does not. Explore the depths. For instance, if cuddling up on the couch with a good book makes you happy, consider why.

Is it because it allows you to escape for a bit and forget about your own life? If this is the case, attempt to identify what you’re hiding from when you dive into a book and what you can do about it.

If getting up at 6 a.m. to go to work makes you unpleasant and changing your schedule isn’t an option, consider the benefits of getting up early. You get to witness the sunrise, arrive home at a reasonable hour, and have time to relax with your children or spouse before night.

Implementing a peaceful night routine and getting to bed earlier may make it much simpler to get up at 6 a.m. and enhance your overall view on workday mornings.

In future posts, we’ll delve a little more into what makes us happy and how we might cultivate more happiness. For the time being, discover your own unique definition of happiness and list at least ten distinct things or people who make you happy.

Then resolve to use the next few days to concentrate on becoming happier. You will be happy you stuck to it.

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