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What Type Of Smile Do You Have? Quiz

A smile is contagious. The other person cannot help returning your smile when you project a smile. Throw a smile at a baby, and there’s a great chance that the baby will smile back.

By the way, we’ll try to guess which of these 4 types of smile you have in the quiz below, but let’s first talk about that baby that smiles at you back…

The baby begins to be playful with you, even if you are a stranger to him because of your smile. When a baby begins to be playful, you can’t resist gugu gaga back at him. He starts to laugh and laugh. You make the baby happy; You also make yourself happy.

And to think that all this began with a simple innocent smile. Most likely, you will forget why you are there in the first place, maybe you were at the doctor’s office or something. A smile can make the pain fade away, especially emotional and mental pain.

Smiling is the best option as well, if you want to make a good impression.

You can wear all those expensive things on your body. You can be rich and famous. But if all you display is a sour or a-hole type of face, you will receive the same in return.

A smile is worth more than the words that come out of it. A smile is a universal language understood by all, it is expressed in the form of a gesture that welcomes and greets and welcomes other people. When someone smiles at you, especially when you least expect it, you will feel overwhelmed and return the favor. This is best exemplified during the Christmas season for example.

Of course, you know Christmas, you know, the time and season when people display smiles the most. Soon you are busy attending parties and shopping that you get so tired that you feel you can no longer smile, yup, Christmas is the time. You can’t help smiling back when you meet someone who smiles at you despite how tired you may be.

Try to enter a convenient store where the clerk’s frown awaits you. As soon as you enter you see it on the person’s face, looking like he hates everyone and is miserable doing his job. All of a sudden you feel like you just want to go the other direction back to the entrance. It’s like if your legs have a mind of their own.

This is why it is important in businesses for sales staff to smile at their customers who enter the business. You’ve probably experienced this on some stores out there. This is the best way to create a welcoming first impression and create potential customers.

It is impossible to put a price on a smile since it is priceless. You just can’t buy genuine smiles with money. No strings attached. You don’t have to beg, steal, or borrow to give a smile. Harmony in the home and success in business can be achieved via lots of genuine smiles. A smile brings people together and keeps them together. Having a good time together isn’t possible if you don’t have a good time together and lots of smiling in between.

“But how would you smile when you are overwhelmed by the problems of the heart, health, money, and anxiety?” Yes, it’s hard; but what can help these bad and undesirable states of being? Think about this, do you think a frown will take away the pain and eliminate the problems that push you to more problems, like illnesses, poverty, and a confused mind? The answer is obvious. It just adds to it.

Without a doubt, a smile will set in motion a chain of events that will help you get out of a rut, like dissipating the dark clouds and bring sunshine to a cloudy life.

A smile is like a jewel that you wear on the face. It is the gateway to your personality. Use a smile every minute and time of day, and you won’t need anything fancy.

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