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Problems Are Not Meant to Stop You. Look At It This Way Instead.


It all starts with, and depends on the perception that you have developed up until this point.

Because all the experiences you have had from the moment you have gained consciousness have shaped your reality today.

There are things that happen to us, things that we create and things that appear we don’t have control of.

Problems are not meant to stop you. They are meant to teach you.

But it is these experiences we have no control of that we can learn the most from, they are like lessons that add to our wisdom and true being.


You can see problems as something very negative and undesirable but you can also see it as challenges which underneath have the potential for great personal growth.

Learn to see it this way, your way of approach may forever change:

Many times your personal development is dependent on the challenges you face on every day life and how you act to surpass them. It adds experience, growth and ultimately wisdom.

The perception of your local reality can be changed by changing what you consciously expose your being to especially your mind and physical senses.

Every single thing you do on your daily life creates a conjunction of habits and beliefs, which make up your paradigm.

It becomes your reality. So be careful of what you CHOOSE to expose yourself too consciously, because if you ignore it you may end up creating a overall negative paradigm and negative system of beliefs.

Begin to create a more positive perception by associating and placing focus on positive things. As you do this regularly with time it will become “second nature” and your subconscious mind will take over so you simply start “being” more positive without having to think about it consciously all the time.

This is where you will start to see problems as challenges and as opportunities for personal growth.

See problems then, as opportunities for growth, for that is what they ultimately are.

photo credit: madstreetz