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You Can’t Have a Positive Life With a Negative Mind

Depending on what you focus most on is what creates your results, although you can learn much from negative experiences and even from having a negative mindset, you can see that as contrast and as a way to experience what you don’t want in your life so that you can consciously and purposefully create the positive life you would like to have.

This is why cultivating a negative mind will create equally negative results in your life. The good news is that you have the ability to take control and slowly train your mind to focus more on positive things. It takes practice but it is very possible.

For example, let’s say you know sugar is affecting your health but you love sweets, you suddenly start craving a sugary soda. The soda is accessible and inexpensive so it is easy to get, but you start to think about the benefits it will bring your body to drink water instead. Paint a nice picture in your mind of how you will feel more energy, have lost some weight and feel more happy. Now while this image is vivid in your mind…Go and get yourself a tall glass of water instead.

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This is a simple exercise of how you can begin to train your mind to focus and associate better and more positive things that will bring you more positive results and experiences.

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