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What Is Happiness And Why Are You Not Happy?

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Happiness is having more money to pay stuff you need and being able to do stuff. Or is it?

For a long time I was stuck with the belief that money was the thing that brought one happiness.

After all that stress for not making ends meet, struggling to pay bills, kids growing up needing more and more stuff, buying food, the list can go on and on.

So I continued on contemplating and experimenting different things and different ways on how to generate more money.

I came up with a few ways that helped out, but the reality however, was…

…that these episodes where I was money “worry-free” were short-lived and suddenly I was back in the same boat.

Then I realized something very important…

I realized that it wasn’t always money that created my happiness although it seemed like so. Part of the reason is because almost anytime I brought in more, I also spent more, so it was a never-ending loop.

Then I realized that I was spending enormous amounts of time trying all kinds of things only to bring again temporary “happiness”which was destined to fade away again, and while I was at it I was also wasting enormous amounts of time that I could have spent with my family, feeling regretful for many wonderful experiences I had missed.

With time and some spiritual development not tied to any religion nor specific system of beliefs I started to see the bigger picture.

I realized that happiness wasn’t a specific thing, there wasn’t a single answer for all because what makes one person happy does not necessarily apply to another person and vice-versa.

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Everyone has their own definition of happiness, some people have barely a place to live in, decent food and clothes and they are happier than someone who lives in a mansion with all the luxuries.

“What is this thing we call happiness then?” I asked myself. This is what I found happiness to be…

So what is happiness?

After much self-debate, to me happiness is that which brings me inner joy and a sense of peace, being at one with the all. Endless possibility of self-expression and expansion of self through a balance of experiences and doings. That which brings you joy and excitement.

To you, happiness may be your pet, financial freedom, your children, your job, spouse or a combination of them all.

This is because you can be the creator of your own experiences. You don’t have to let things simply happen to you! Because chances are you will end up in disappointment after disappointment. You have an immense potential and are more than capable to set things in motion following your inner guidance and taking action. This is what most people miss.

Happiness is you within, manifesting that which brings your own definition of happiness into fruition. Never forget that.

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