Giving Back Boosts Our Happiness

My favorite part about Christmas as a child was the anticipation. It was all about the gifts I was going to receive. The days and weeks leading up to Christmas were spent anticipating and speculating about what Mom and Dad might gift me this year. I used to build wish lists and highlight certain items in toy catalogs. It was all about obtaining materialistic things.

As I’ve gotten older, my perspective on things has shifted. Let me be clear: I still love a well-thought-out gift, but to be completely honest, giving gifts is the most enjoyable part of the holiday season for me.

As I’m shopping for gifts, I enjoy the process of locating the perfect item, wrapping it beautifully, and watching the recipient’s face light up when they open their gift.

And, of course, there is nothing more entertaining than listening to the children squeal with delight as they unwrap their gifts under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

There’s an essential lesson to be gained from this, and that is that giving makes us happier in the long run. It is not only about giving physical presents. It makes us feel good to be able to offer something back, whether it’s our time, a kind word, sound advice, or a hug to someone who needs it. Giving makes us feel better about ourselves.

It only makes sense to concentrate on giving back more in order to assist people in living happier and more satisfying lives. Consider the different things you may do to begin donating more time and resources.

Making a difference through volunteerism is an excellent way to begin, and there are numerous possibilities available to do so. You can volunteer at your child’s school or at a local church if you want to.

It is always appreciated when volunteers can lend a helping hand in homeless shelters and soup kitchens. If you enjoy working with animals, consider volunteering at your local humane society, where you may walk dogs and socialize kittens. Another fantastic method to give up is to read to patients in the hospital or to folks in a senior care institution.

When it comes to volunteering, even if you are unable to get out of the house very often, there are still plenty of opportunities available. If you’re crafty, you could knit some preemie caps for your local hospital or make some pet blankets for a no-kill animal shelter in your area.

Help arrange online activities, or offer to virtually tutor children who require assistance with their homework.

Start by volunteering and giving back to the community, and you’ll be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

Your sense of pride and purpose will be boosted as a result, which will contribute to an overall feeling of well-being. Giving back to your community and family is a fantastic feeling, and I hope you have the opportunity to do so more frequently.

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