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Why We Are The Result Of What We Think


We become what we think about intensely. Our attitude creates the environment that is around us, and is determined by our way of thinking and feeling, being a bridge of communication with other people. Therefore, it is very important to create a positive attitude, full of good thoughts and feelings.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. – Buddha

If we define “mind” as “consciousness” it has a bigger meaning.

The reason thoughts are powerful and can be the reflection of your reality is because your life is created from this space. Thoughts are fueled by intention and emotion, the essential tools that begin to manifest good and bad experiences. This is why we are a result of our thoughts.

What we think and focus on the most we become.

Our thoughts define our reality

Every thought according to its polarity (positive or negative) acts on its objective; if this is us, it can condition our moods, feelings, our actions; if it is a situation, it will tend to attract a development or actions in tune with what is issued. All this depends on the strength and intensity of the thought. If we externalize it in the form of words, what has been said above is reinforced and increased. When thought brings it to action, it acquires its highest level of strength.

Negative thoughts affect us in all aspects: in our behavior, in our health, in our mood … In the same way, positive thoughts have beneficial and immediate effects on our health, our behavior, our personal growth, our joy ” innate “… it is they who enhance our daily well-being.

We can think or believe that we are not in a negative inner state, and that our discomfort is derived from external threats to us. It can be, and a key to find out is to be aware of if there is in our life (judgments, comparisons, complaints, if we speak with exigence …).

However, one of the greatest powers that we human beings have is that we are capable of changing our mental programming. We have the power to choose the thoughts we want to have, according to the reality we want to create for ourselves. It seems difficult, right? but it only seems, and it is because of our great facility to generate negative thoughts.

Depending on the thoughts we have in our mind, this is going to be the world that we are going to see. The key is to go thinking about positive ideas more times and for longer.

The difficulty is not in the problems that are presented to us, but in the way we face them

Having enthusiasm for life pushes us to direct ourselves towards our goals with motivation, facing them as a challenge, without getting frustrated if the result becomes negative, because, our change of focus on things, makes us see it as a learning and a great experience necessary for future situations, instead of seeing it as a failure and sink emotionally.

Self-confidence, enthusiasm, enthusiasm … have the ability to favor the superior functions of the brain, where the most advanced thinking takes place, where our future is invented, where we value alternatives and strategies to solve problems and take decisions. Therefore, what the heart wants to feel, the mind shows it to us.

Fight the enemy inside

1. Pay attention to your emotions. Most of us, whether for reasons of routine, ignorance, lack of time and practice, we can not and do not really manage our thoughts, nor what we feel, do, or say. According to various scientific studies, 96% of our actions are motivated by thoughts and feelings that are outside our own level of consciousness.

It is much easier and more effective to choose, to promote the thoughts that speak to us of what is really important for us, in the here and now, and that undoubtedly allow us to enjoy our day to day life more.

2. Orient the “focus” towards the road. On many occasions we have put (unconsciously) a focus directed towards the eyes, which focuses on our problems, ailments, discomfort …, that is, thoughts that are altering us, causing discouragement, anger, worry … and that make our decisions start from an inadequate point of view. We must take the focus and direct its light towards the road.

3. Unlearning some beliefs and automated behaviors. Identify them to release our false beliefs and free us from concepts that no longer have the same meaning or the same importance as before, and that are still there, because we have not stopped to question them.

Every time you feel bad, be it sad, nervous, scared, apathetic, angry … it is a sign that, on a more or less conscious level, you are having thoughts that are making you feel that way at the same time they are warning you that something is not right. They are pushing you, somehow, to make you aware, and even to take a new direction, a new position in tune with you, to expand it through your acts, thoughts, feelings …

4. You do not have to be so reasonable. We always find reasons / excuses to justify our negative emotional state (bad mood, stress, sadness …).

5. Be careful what we say. If we consider that thought is nothing but words without sound, we must consider the importance of the word that will be the manifestation of thought. According to how we speak (orally and mentally) to ourselves, we mold our emotions that change our perceptions. We tend to confuse our points of view with the truth, and that is transmitted: perception goes beyond reason.

6. Leave the comfort zone to grow.

7. Fulfill what we promise. When we say “I’m going to do this” and we do not, we physically alter our brain. We are betraying ourselves.

8. See what is there and accept it. If we accept ourselves for what we are and for what we are not, we can change. What resists persists. Acceptance is the key to any change.

9. Self-control. It is not to repress our emotions or to endure the pressure of events, but to understand that we are influencing and creating our thoughts, feelings, words, actions … and that we can be creative and find new answers in different situations.

10. Change your internal dialogue towards one in your favor. We all have a continuous internal dialogue with ourselves. As I said at the beginning, this dialogue, in the average person, is 78% negative. It’s like having 78% of the time a little person on our shoulder telling us things like “you can not do it”, “you’re going to fall”, “nobody likes you”, “you do not like you”, “you’re horrible with your hair so, “” those clothes do not suit you “,” I’m sure they tell you not, “” if you do not, they will not love you anymore “and a very long etc.

Do you realize the consequences of having “someone” continuously telling you negative things about you, about your life or about others? And on top of that we are ourselves, and we give absolute credibility to everything we say to ourselves!

Take care of your thoughts, because they will become your words.
Take care of your words, because they will become your actions.
Watch your actions, because they will become your habits.
Take care of your habits, because they forge your personality (character).
Take care of your personality, she defines your path (destiny)
And your destiny will be your life

– Mahatma Gandhi

We have an extraordinary mind with incredible ability to learn. Think how many things you have achieved, thanks to the positive thoughts you have had throughout your life until today. You decide if each day will be full of good thoughts and good feelings. Beyond the circumstances, keep in mind that said “Power” is always inside you.

Remember that a thought generates an emotion and immediately produces a behavior in you. You choose your thoughts. Analyze if they are helping you in your life to feel good. The thoughts of anger, resentment and fear will affect your body wearing it down and producing discomforts, ailments, diseases … Thinking the best in each situation will save you a lot of emotional exhaustion. If you manage to control your negative thoughts, your behaviors will change. Become aware of what your thoughts are and how they influence you.

So “Let positive thoughts run through your mind, it will show on your face!” Norman Vincent Peale.

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