Inspirational Quotes

Unless you’re planning to go that way, don’t look back

Never let anything change your way of being, you are great being you. The moment you let things affect your way of being, you will be lost, be strong always and remember: “Chin up, and look forward”

Every moment you duck your head and get depressed, you’re missing out on a lot of good times that you’re not able to see just by thinking about something that has come to an end.

Stop thinking about things that no longer have more relevance, and are nothing more than a simple memory, focus all your attention on looking around you and see the good and great things that you are losing out on by not paying enough attention, let yourself be carried away for the moment, take a deep breath and act without always thinking about outcomes, smile at life and show that those who decided to continue on their way without you are making a grave mistake, it’s their loss and it shows that you are able to move forward and advance even better than before.

Sometimes to live we have to ignore many people

To be happy we have to know when to keep our distance and even learn to ignore many people. We have to learn to live and to disregard those acts, words or negative feelings that pretend or manage to bring us down.

There are people who are conflictive and who torment us with their complaints, their judgments and their dramas. This can be overwhelming, overwhelming and highly toxic, because it conditions our well-being with the uncertainty of their actions.

That is why we have to stop feeding those exchanges that suck our energy and cloud our reality. So the first thing to learn is to distance from certain people in those times when they are hurting us in one way or another.

Let go of suffering

Saying goodbye to suffering can be a complicated task but sometimes it is important to stop and re-establish our priorities. That is why we must consider escaping from painful emotions, those that are not healthy and that torment us, that prevent us from evolving.

As a wise man once said, “what bothers us is not the experiences we go through, but what we think about them”. That is why it is important that we know how to identify, express and value our emotions in a strategic way.

Let’s see it below:

1. Expressing our feelings and emotions

As they say, sometimes we do not need a bright mind to speak to us, but a patient heart to listen to us. Our emotions are born to be experienced, so retaining them out of fear only muddies our reality. For example, if we accumulate sadness we can facilitate the appearance of depression.

2. Analyzing the beliefs that sustain painful emotions

It is natural that we worry about performing in studies but we can not make our mistakes terrible, because that way we will only feed bad feelings. That is, there is no worse storm than the one that forms in the head.

It is not the same to think that “it is terrible that our son has left home” to believe that “although it makes us sad that he has left, it is normal that he has done it”. The latter will favor the appearance of anxiety and depression.

3. Transforming, releasing and purifying those feelings and emotions

Analyzing our emotions and feelings is not enough, we must explore what is hidden behind them. This is the only way to liberate ourselves. It may be inevitable that a part of this “craziness” remains in our emotions and thoughts, but what we have to be clear is that we should not feed it the wrong food for thought.

Do not let go of the people who make your world beautiful

Do not let go to those people who make your world beautiful, let those who hamper it go. Keep in your life everything that helps you and that which makes you a better person.

Learn why as you think, you become and start to develop a more positive and optimistic life…