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3 Strategies For Dealing With Toxic People

toxic people

toxic people

There are people in your life that often become an obstacle to fulfilling your dreams. They are not running out of negative things to say against you and it seems they have already developed a habit of criticizing you.

If you allow these people to be in control of your way of thinking, you become oblivious to the fact they are already working their way into your system. It is not easy to deal with toxic people but there are strategies you can use so your self-esteem remains intact in-spite of all the negative talks.

3 Ways To Handle Toxic People:

1. Find more positive friends.

If all of this isn’t working, it helps to find other people who are more aligned with the way you want to live. People who are creative, entrepreneurial, self-sufficient, excited about things, positive, healthy, happy.

Find them in your local running club, yoga or crossfit class, Toastmasters, volunteer organizations. Find them online in various positive communities. Take the plunge and reach out, develop relationships. Buy someone tea or coffee and start a friendship.

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