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Breaking The Self Blame Cycle

self blame cycle

self blame cycle

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There are a ton of websites on cute little “how to be nice” or how to this and that lists, so I was excited to see one on self blame, something I do too often during situations that I can’t necessarily control.

It’s also great to see an outline of how destructive self blame is and how it can be just as much of a problem as blaming others for our own mistakes.

The way the author wrote the post and attributed it back to herself was also great. It made the idea of automatic self blame relatable and easier to understand. It’s a great read for anyone who is looking for a change in how they perceive themselves.

Getting back to the beginning was kind of like navigating a deep dark cave with long winding tunnels and scary obstacles. Carrying a flashlight that only worked some of the time made it even more frightening.

I was afraid that I would get lost in the dark and that I would end up hurting even more. I was afraid that I would get stuck there and be forever in the painful part of the process.

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