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Be With Those Who Bring Out The Best in You

How many times have you been around those who complain just about everything and anything?

You know, people who make huge end of the world type of deals out of a small and insignificant things.

Or those who speak of their illnesses, how bad the world is, how bad the economy is, the countless bad news showing up on television, gossiping about other people, and criticizing others?

They always seem to focus on the negative side of every single little thing. Nothing is sadder than being unhappy all the time.

The reality is that you have no control over how other people should be, it is their free-will after all to be whomever and however they want to be like.

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For this same reason you are not forced yourself to be around people that simply make you uncomfortable and are especially energy draining individuals.

Sometimes you just have to “love them enough to let them go.”

Everything that you pay attention to and put your energy to, always has an effect.

This effect can be productive and generally good for you or it could be the opposite, unproductive and draining.

The people you surround yourself with on a daily basis has a very strong influence and effect especially in the long run.

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