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4 Things Someone With Anxiety Doesn’t Always Know How To Tell You

suffering from anxiety

Many people suffer from high levels of anxiety, (almost on a daily basis) from one thing or another.

And their pain is very often times misunderstood by those of us who live with them and interact with them all the time.

The following is a list of some of the things an anxious person truly feels but is not always able to or know how to communicate it.

A lot of compassion and understanding must exist in those people who love or care about a highly anxious person.

One thing I have always said before when you deal with negative or pessimistic people (who anxious people are often mistaken for) is that sometimes we need to love them enough to allow them to find their own way when they are ready.

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I don’t think a person with high levels of anxiety is necessarily negative or pessimistic, but many times they do need to accept that they need professional help especially if nothing seems to improve or change for the better.

It is really hard to attempt to change a person and succeed at it. This is because for real change to happen, it has to start with the person who needs the help accepting that they need in the first place.

Once that happens, real change can begin.

From a person who suffered high levels of anxiety, speaking for everyone who suffers from it…

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