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7 Things Those Who Love A Woman With Anxiety Need To Know

woman with anxiety

woman with anxiety

This is amazingly insightful and really humanizes the issue. I like how it breaks everything down to more of a science, not a bunch of assumptions like “women and hormones” or “it might be because of their past relationships”, There are way too many of those articles online alongside informative ones like this one.

I think #6 stands true for all mental illness or disorders, those afflicted understand how strange their triggers are and how they might stress out their loved ones.

It would be wonderful if a lot more online posts about things like anxiety discussed aspects that the person with anxiety is aware of but also knows that they cannot always control.

It’s also great that the post discussed physical aspects of anxiety. So many arguments against mental illness usually portray that the problem is all in the person’s head, yet doesn’t acknowledge that our brains are extremely powerful and can (and do!) control so many parts of our body, including symptoms brought on by something that occurs in our minds.

Just because it happens in their heads doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful enough to cause bodily harm.

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Let’s look at what these 7 things are next…

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