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Positive Thinking Is A Choice You Need To Make Especially When You’ve Had A Difficult Childhood

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The hard work from this moment forward is learning to be conscious. You must not allow yourself to think negative thoughts about yourself, ever. Thinking positive thoughts is a choice and a practiced skill.

Every time you hear yourself speak out loud or think in your mind something negative, immediately stop and change that negative remark to a positive one.

The more conscious you are about the things you say to yourself, the easier it will be to change it.

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What happened to you in your childhood does not have to define who you are or what your life is about. You can change it and make it positive. Change your story.

Do not make it a victim story, but a victorious one about a person who had obstacles they overcame to become the amazing person they are today, living an amazing life.

It is all about perception. Change yours to a positivity and everything else will fall into place.

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