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Resentment Within Family Members

broken glass

broken glass

People turn to their family for support, love and encouragement. Your family is often your primary source of strength but what if you have unresolved conflict with family? When conflicts are only set aside and not resolved, the wounds remain unhealed.

Just when you thought you have gotten over the negative feelings, the pain keeps coming back during family gatherings.

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It’s hard to escape from the fact that no matter how you try to run away from the conflict and to not hold grudges, you relive past misunderstanding when resentment has not been properly resolved.

You cannot truly say you have already let go of the hurts when you cannot even talk to the person who caused you so much pain especially if they are your family members.

Although both parties have already moved on, there is no assurance that the wounds have healed unless you have done the following:

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