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Resentment Within Family Members

broken glass

1.You have already talked to the person and resolved the conflict.

You will never know the reason for the conflict unless you talk to the person involved. It is also a way for you to patch things up, which you have not done in the past. You may have misunderstood each other, but talking to the person will give you an idea what could have gone wrong.

2. You have forgiven and forgotten.

Holding a grudge can be a great deterrent to moving on. This is why if you have chosen to forgive, you should also forget about the things that made you resentful. It may not be easy to forget about the things they have done to you but once you learn to let go, the negative feelings such as resentment and anger are handled in a positive way.

3. You have cut the person out of your life.

If such family members were abusive or not showing any remorse, there is no reason for you to stay connected with them. When you forgive them, you should not also allow them to hurt you again.

It can be a challenge to move on especially when the person you resent is one of your family members. This is why the first step to moving on is forgiving the person.


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