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What Self-Growth Stage Are You In?

positive and negative balance scale

positive and negative balance scale

Which self-growth step are you in? What stage can you identify with?

This is by no means a complete list, and will continue to update it. The categories may be arranged a little different based on your own experience, but I am sure it will give you an idea of what stage you are, have been or will be in when it comes to your self-growth adventure in life.

This is not indicative of being in a certain stage at a given time, this is because we experience a wide range of emotions back and fort between negative and positive polarities.

How I want you to see this is to think of it as a balance scale, the more weight you have on the negative or positive side of the scale, the more experiences you have that align themselves in harmony with that side.

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This is the reason why when you complain, you seem to always keep getting more reasons to complain about. And when you emanate joy, you likewise receive more reasons to feel joy.

This is also illustrative of a linear path in a linear reality of life. But it only begins to tap into a higher understanding that most can only strive for at this moment.

The reason of putting this together in a linear way to allow you to easily identify where you think you fall in, and what your path may look like.

Consciousness stages in your self-growth journey:

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