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Positive Thinking Is A Choice You Need To Make Especially When You’ve Had A Difficult Childhood

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In fact, there are so many, we could not list them all. You want a book that is empowering, not just one that talks about letting go, but something that teaches you how to change your mindset.

Mindset! In the end, this is all about your mindset. You have full and complete control over how and what you think. It will take tremendous practice, but it absolutely accomplishable.

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If you are working on your own make a list of the people and things that have shaped who you are today. All of the negative events in your life. Write them down.

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Once they are written down, look them over. Get in touch with your feelings about the events. Allow yourself to cry if that is what is necessary for you.

Now forgive the people who hurt you and light that paper full of negatives on fire. Let it all go with the flames.

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