To Every Exhausted Dad Out There, You Are Enough

When the child comes to the life of a father, it allows him to see with a totally different perspective and will enable him to experience life in a different way than he did before his/her arrival. The father feels true and impartial love for his children, he does not expect anything in return, and he loves them for who they are. Most fathers know that with their children, they have a real treasure.

The treasure of fatherhood

Being a father is one of the most challenging things in life, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. Good fathers don’t always get the credit they deserve, especially the ones who truly care and provide the means for nourishment not just for the body but also mind and soul of their children.

To the dads that put their children’s needs first, who could have chosen to go hang out with his buddies to have a drink or two, but instead chose to stay and played ball or went to the movies with his children.

To the dad that came home so tired and crumbled in the couch after a long and stressful day at work.

To the dad who despite those long hours of work, spent some time with the kids because this was the only time to share a moment with them on the weekdays.

To the dad who asked about their day in school, who took a few minutes to praise and encourage the good work they had done.

To the dad who went out of his way to get what they needed.

To the dad who chose to invest more in memories and less on meaningless things.

To the dad who wasn’t afraid nor had a big ego about giving out hugs and showing affection.

To the dad that put a roof over their heads, and fixed all the issues around the house to maintain a safe environment.

To the dad that always fussed about putting that seat belt on before he started driving.

To the dad who always put a good face and smile but stressed in silence about how the bills were going to get paid and where the money was going to come from.

To the dad who helped mom doing some of the “mom things” like changing diapers, feeding them, bathing them and was glad to do so.

To the dad who helped with the homework, read to them and told them stories right before bedtime.

To the dad who supported his wife “most of the times” and treated her like a queen but was firm and clear when he didn’t agree with something.

To the dad who exercised discipline but was also compassionate.

To the dad who taught them good principles and values.

To the dad who more than always having something to say listened instead.

To the dad who set a good example to follow, but recognized any mistakes along the way.

To the dad who lectured about the stuff they don’t teach at school like finances, value of time and money.

To the dad who taught them how to take care of yourself in tough situations and experiences in life.

To the dad who was always there.

You are appreciated and you are enough.

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