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10 Things To Feel Grateful For

As a human being our only job is to be happy, happy for whatever the reason.

Life is supposed to be fun and exciting if it’s not then you are missing the point.

Challenges and difficult experiences are meant to help us learn from them, and until we learn those lessons we will continue to experience similar things before new and more positive things arrive into our lives.

The best way to be happy and enjoy life is to be grateful for the things you already have.

Even when you see yourself in difficult situations, there is always something to be thankful and grateful for:

Being grateful is the best way to express the energy of appreciation and attract more of the good things that are in harmony with it, bringing us even more reasons to feel grateful for.

The most important part of being grateful is to feel it from within; it’s an inside-out feeling. When you really feel thankful for something from within your heart, you raise your vibration. The higher the vibration, the better you feel and the more experiences aligned with that frequency you will get.

A lot of time we feel as if our lives are in total chaos and we feel helpless. But if you think for a second, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, even some random things you might not think of or just take for granted.

This is why these next things are random, sure there might be more important things to feel grateful for, but the idea here is that there is always something you might overlook.

Let’s talk about 10 things to feel grateful for

It really could be anything, it does not have to be complicated. Simply look at what you have, where you are at this specific point in time and realize there is always something you should feel thankful for.

Here are a few things just to give you an idea. You may replace some of these according to your own experience:

1. Your mother

It’s her who brought you into this world.

It is her who had to go through much pain and difficulties not just for 9 months but much after you were born.

If your mother was good to you, there is no price for the love and nurturing she provided you since you were a child.

Your mother gave and sacrificed more than you may ever know.

If your mother was not very good to you, you still wouldn’t be here without her. Now it’s your chance to take responsibility for yourself and create a better life for yourself. You still have that choice.

So, yes,  your mother is one of the number one persons you should be grateful for the most.

2. Health

Your good health is responsible for the fact that you are alive in the present, enjoying life.

You are able to do many things that a person with poor health wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Good health also gives you the opportunity to grow stronger in mind, body, and spirit.

It allows you to develop physical strength that is necessary for learning in this life experience.

You should be grateful for your health, you are alive today and you should not take today for granted.

Again, good health is one of the most important things to be grateful for.

3. Water

Man can live without food for many days but it’s impossible to live without water for that long.

Our overall functioning of the body depends on the water we drink.

Our bodies are mostly water, it flows throughout our bodies.

We are able to enjoy the water when we swim in it.

It cools us down on hot summer days.

Water can make our food grow, it allows you to experience the taste of that delicious strawberry you have harvested.

It is the liquid that provides all the fish their home and life.

Water is a prime element that made life into existence on Earth, because of water we exist.

4. Money

Perhaps if money didn’t exist and wasn’t the current system in this life would be a better place. But until then, the harsh reality is that most people in the world need it.

Money makes things easier and more convenient. It is not money that is evil, some people are. People can choose to do good with money.

You can be grateful for all the money that you have received until now.

As you feel grateful for the energy of money, you’ll attract more of it.

Because essentially, you are creating a flow of energy where you keep continuously making room for expansion.

The same goes for money. So whatever amount you now have. Be thankful for it.

5. Earth

So grateful to Mother Earth For giving us a place to live.

For giving us an abundant supply of oxygen.

For giving us food and water.

For hosting our stay, allowing us to live on her despite all we do to her.

Our atmosphere is created so that we can live and breathe on Earth.

It is just perfect for the human race and it’s all because of the Earth.

Earth is our home, and every single human being in the world should remember this.

6. Relationships

You should be grateful for the all the relationships you have with friends, lover, parents, children.

Even the sour relationships allow us to know the true meaning of the ones we appreciate.

Gives us company when we feel lonely.

Allow us to experience being able to co-create with others in many different ways.

We can learn way more by having many people to learn from rather than just on our own.

It is the relationships with others that gives us joy, happiness, and love.

Whatever relationships you have, be grateful for them.

7. Your home

Chances are you are living in a home right now, you have one.

You have a roof over your head, a shelter that others may not have.

Look at the people who don’t have one, how they get wet in the rain, cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

Your home protects you from the sun’s scorching heat, rain, and even storms.

A comfortable place to come back to after you have finished exploring out there in the world. Especially if you keep your home in a good vibe, it becomes your own mini sanctuary.

You should be grateful for your present home whether small or big.

8. Cellphone

What? Cellphone? Is this a silly example or what? Well, maybe it is. But as silly as it is there is an angle of gratitude for having this technology.

Your phone is the thing which you keep with you nearly every time.

With the phone, you are in touch with your family, with your work.

Now you can do nearly everything using your phone. As materialistic as it sounds, it facilitates many things for us, it is a device we can use to learn. You are probably reading this on your mobile phone as it is.

So your phone can be a thing you should be very grateful for indeed.

9. Internet

With the internet, you can find almost anything you can think of. And after all, without it, your phone is limited.

You can have any information within a short span of time.

It is a massive library for learning, and for the most part without additional costs other than the service.

You can connect to and meet people from all over the world via social networks.

You can connect to old childhood friends that otherwise you would forget about not keeping in touch.

You can even make a living if you develop your own abilities and wish to utilize this wonderful resource in a productive way.

You should be grateful for being able to use the internet with such an ease.

10. Teachers

What we are is the results what we have been taught, no matter if it was our teacher or mother or friends or any stranger.

Life is a process of continuous learning.

So we should be grateful for all the teachers throughout our life for making us whatever we are now is because of them.

So these are some things you can feel grateful for in your life at the present time.

Gratitude has the power to turn a bad situation into a very good one.

So if you want good changes in your life start making a list of things to be grateful for.

It works, it always has because this is the “signal” you are putting out, and what you put out, you get back.

These are all random examples, but as you can see, even things we wouldn’t have thought of that we take for granted are worthy of being grateful for.

What are YOU thankful and grateful for in this special day?

photo source: Yacine Baroudi

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