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10 Easy Ways To Create Good Vibes In Your Home

Good vibes at home

Vibes are emotional signals you give out to the people around you through your social interactions and body language.

When you have good vibes, you’re likely to attract good people and things in your life and have a positive effect on the people around you.

You can increase these good vibes in your home too to make it more peaceful, welcoming, and enjoyable to live in.

Wondering how to do that?

Here are 10 useful tips to help you.

1. Have Some Live Plants In Your Home

The bright and beautiful splash of colors of live plants and flowers make homes livelier, more inviting and enjoyable to families and guests. In addition, plants purify the air and add fresh and vibrant energy to any living space. So, make it a point to pick (if you have a flower garden) or buy your favorite flowers (fresh) regularly to make your home more vibrant.

2. Declutter

If you go through your home right now, there are high chances that you’ll find items such clothes, utensils, electronics, jewelry etc that you’ve never used since they were bought.

I know, sometimes, we get so attached to our material possessions that we don’t want to lose them even if we don’t use them.

However, keeping such things can only make your home cluttered and overwhelming.

So, every few months, it’s good to go through your things, and get rid of those that you don’t need, and arrange the rest properly in their corresponding places.

It’s a simple way to make your home look more clean, spacious, It helps clear your mind and creates a sense of calm in your home.

3. Use Rock Salt Lamps

Put rock salt lamps in every room if possible to increase the good vibes in your home.

These lamps help restore natural harmony in the home by producing negative ions, which absorb and neutralize any positive ions that may be floating in the air.

They also make wonderful additions to any bedroom due to the soothing glow, which increase relaxation and encourage good sleep.

As if that’s not enough, you can use them to cook too.

4. Burn Sage

Burning sage is something that has been done throughout history to cleanse homes, as a form of protection and enhance positive energy.

It’s therefore a good idea, to go through every room in your home after a fight or an argument with a burning smudge stick made from sage to move out the negative energy.

Be sure to wave the stick in a clockwise motion with thoughts of positivity and cleansing.

5. Burn Natural Incense

Burning natural incense such as sandalwood, frankincense, amber etc, is another simple way to fill your home with delicious, soothing scents and to purify it.

Frankincense, for instance, promotes peace and calm, and relieves stress and anxiety.

Whatever incense you choose to buy, make sure it’s 100% natural and pure.

Avoid anything artificial that will only pump harmful chemicals and negative vibes into your home.

6. Diffuse Essential Oils

Another good way to add good energy and fresh fragrance into your living space is through diffusing essential oils.

There are several essential oils with different qualities and uses, for you to choose from based on your personal preference.

Lemon, grapefruit and sweet lemon essential oils are good for cleansing the home and uplifting the spirit.

Frankincense and Lavender on the other hand, have a calming effect, which make them good for relaxation and stress relief.

Whatever oil you choose, make sure you have an essential oil burner to help diffuse the aroma.

It’s the secret to having the best-smelling house in your neighborhood.

7. Sing, Dance or Listen to Your Favorite Music

A great song can raise your vibes and lift the spirit of your home any day.

If you love singing, sing with passion and fire, like it’s your last day on earth.

As your sweet voice fills every room in your home, your song will definitely increase the energy in your homestead, and put your family members in a good mood (if the song is positive).

Alternatively, you can play your favorite song and dance to the rhythm or sing along.

Music is super therapeutic to the mind and soul, and instantly uplifting.

8. Burn Beeswax Candles

Natural beeswax candles produce soothing deep-yellow glow that puts us in a good mood.

Besides, their aroma is very sweet, inviting and soothing to the soul.

So, it shouldn’t come a surprise when you find yourself gazing at a lit beeswax for hours, just breathing in its sweet smell.

In addition, beeswax candles also produce negative ions that absorb allergens and other harmful particles in the air and restore natural balance.

9. Have Some Crystals in Your Home

Put a range of beautiful crystals throughout your home to add some good vibes in your living space.

Crystals also help to stimulate the body’s natural healing system, and restore balance and stability in the body.

To increase their healing properties, simply place them in the sunlight, moon or close to a lit beeswax candle to recharge.

10. Laugh Often

Finally, laugh, laugh and laugh some more.

Laughter is contagious and therapeutic.

When you laugh often, you immediately lift the spirits of the people around you, which consequently enhances the vibes in your home.

Of course, there are tough times when you’ll not feel like laughing at all, but you can always choose to be happy irrespective of your circumstance.

Hopefully, these tips will help you enhance the good vibes in your home, and create the living space that you’ve always desired – beautiful, stress-free and comfortable.