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How The Power of Positive Thinking Works

We need to have a better understanding of how our mind works in order to begin to take advantage of how we use this wonderful tool that is our mind. Many people talk about the power of positive thinking, and many often say to themselves “yeah, I just need to think positive” but are really unable to understand how it works.

My observation has been that we are changing as a collective, people all over the world are starting to wake up to a higher power they possess within them. Where we saw ourselves as unworthy or simply accepting of an unhappy reality we may be living, more and more people are starting to realize their true potential.

I am also seeing that many young people are already becoming more self-aware and are increasing their level of consciousness, which makes me extremely happy to start seeing more of this around the world.

There exists a very special “power” in our mind, and I will give you a crash course on what my understanding is so that you too begin to understand it.

Before we delve into it, however, I want to mention one thing. Science does a lot for our comprehension of different things through experiments. But it also lacks a lot of understanding of the nature of our true humanity, it dismisses a lot of the spiritual components that really start to tie everything together.

When you start waking up to your true potential as a human being, you will find out that some things cannot be “proved” scientifically, you will simply have a feeling of “knowing” and this is something that only you will feel inside.

So pay attention to this, some call it “intuition” or “inner knowing.” It is from this inner knowing that you will start to understand yourself better as the true creative being that you are. Wisdom and intelligence will grow naturally from there on.

You will be better equipped with the awareness needed in order to overcome difficult situations in your life and achieve great things.

If you don’t see yourself as a spiritual person, the following information will be helpful especially to you because it will form a basis to pursue your understanding of the power of positive thinking.

The Power of Positive Thinking can be Cultivated When You Begin to Understand How Your Mind Works

Positive thinking first appeared as I came to realize that life doesn’t have to be as hard, bad, and chaotic as I used to believe, by realizing that I could change my circumstances through a more positive mindset.

However, I did not have enough knowledge to understand how this could work so I embarked on a quest to find the answers.

Throughout my research and extensive reading, one of the first things that seemed to have fallen into place seamlessly as I connected the dots was what I learned from Neuro Linguistic Programming on how the mind works, this knowledge is one of the things that started this better understanding. It is not by far the best explanation but it sure begins to plant the seed of how our mind works.

I started comparing that to my own previous experiences, decisions, and overall way of thinking in my past. A lot of it just-just began to make so much sense!

I also remember I had heard something similar in TV or read a portion of it somewhere but didn’t pay much attention, let alone develop that concept any further.

That concept was something you’ve probably heard yourself but like me before, you probably haven’t really thought about it in a more deep and meaningful way, and that is that our mind only uses about 10% of its “power”.

If this is the first time you have heard this, then here is a chance to get familiar with this concept and perhaps raise your awareness…

Before we can Tap Into our Mind Consciously and Learn to use the Power of Positive Thinking, Comes Another Question: What About the Other Part, the 90%?

In simple terms that 10% of our mind is the conscious part of our mind, it is what analyzes, and tries to make logical sense of our surroundings in a rational way, the power of positive thinking can be here but it has less power.

The other 90% is “behind” our mind but it is extremely important that we know more about how our 90% of the mind works because it is here where our beliefs, impulses, and habits are stored, it is here where we can really start to tap into the power of positive thinking!

A smoker that wants to quit smoking, for example, decides one day to stop smoking at will, it goes fine for two or three days, maybe even a week but after a week the urge is just so strong that the will to stop smoking just weakens and disappears.

Willpower alone isn’t enough, and that’s because willpower resides in our conscious mind, the 10%. Meanwhile, during this struggling time the subconscious mind has developed over time to associate and “program” smoking equals feeling relaxed, or smoking equals feeling relief or good, and because our subconscious makes 90% it just has more power.

But there is more…

This idea is extremely important for myself as I came to realize that this “higher power area” where we can start to cultivate the power of positive thinking was where I needed to tap into in order to start changing the beliefs and habits into better ones harnessing the power of positive thinking, and slowly discard negative beliefs that did not serve me well.

The same way we develop negative habits, negative impulses and negative beliefs based on hurts, bad experiences and other factors the same way we can start developing good ones that serve us well.

This is where it all starts, as soon as we realize this we are on our way to start tipping the scale into the positive thinking side as opposed to more on the negative side, and from that point we will begin to find ourselves having positive circumstances and situations and many more positive results will start coming into our life.

I want you to remember that this concept is a key and it is the intent from here on to start elaborating on this, to begin a positive change in our lives we need to tap into our subconscious mind and there are many tools that can help you along the road.

It is also worth mentioning that even though this concept seems logical as I explained here the mind is more than simply a thing that you divide in 10% and 90% and suddenly more areas start coming in such as related to metaphysics and spirituality, for the purpose of this article though these next subjects are beyond the scope.

As we explore and learn more about the essentials and as your knowledge and awareness grow it will become far easier to start using the power of positive thinking, and getting a better understanding of our own mind and expand our awareness.

Realize then, that you have to pay special attention to your emotions and what you feel about something in a genuine way. Don’t simply “act” positively, but really begin to feel it down to the core part of your being. Positive thinking can start to make more sense when you begin to look at it as energy, vibration, and frequency. You can think of thinking positively as being in a special frequency of thought and emotion that raises your vibration, vibration being your current state of being which gives us a positive energy throughout your mind, body, and soul.

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