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Change Starts With YOU: Breaking From The Old And Make Way For The New

Many changes are always going on throughout history, but for the first time ever, some unprecedented changes are happening. The energies are ramping up all over the place. The earth is manifesting itself and along with that we as humans are not only feeling it physically but also mentally and spiritually

The global paradigm is changing, and each and every one of us is making it happen.

About three years ago from the moment of this writing something extraordinary happened to my perception of life and way of thinking.

Although it is difficult to explain with words, I know many who resonate with this will understand it, and many won’t.

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This new perception has opened my mind and heart to things I believe were always there yet they were buried as we became entangled with the old global paradigm and system of life.

For those who do resonate with this take it then as a confirmation that something great has happened in your level of consciousness and that there are many others who have gone through the same kind of transformation and you are not going crazy but have every reason to celebrate!

For those who have no idea of what I am talking about I will bring you the next words and hopefully shine some light…

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