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The World is Changing and Guess Who’s at The Center of It?

Many changes are always going on throughout history, but for the first time ever, some unprecedented changes are happening. The energies are ramping up all over the place. The earth is manifesting itself and along with that we as humans are not only feeling it physically but also mentally and spiritually.

Many “crazy” things have happened in the last couple years alone and so many more are transpiring as we speak.

The global paradigm is changing, and each and every one of us is making it happen.

About ten years ago from the moment of this writing something extraordinary happened to my perception of life and way of thinking.

Although it is difficult to explain with words, I know many who resonate with this will understand it, and many won’t.

This new perception has opened my mind and heart to things I believe were always there yet they were buried as we became entangled with the old global paradigm and system of life.

For those who do resonate with this take it then as a confirmation that something great has happened in your level of thinking, your consciousness; and that there are many others who have gone through the same kind of transformation, so realize that you are not going crazy but have every reason to celebrate!

For those who have no idea of what I am talking about I will bring you the next words and hopefully shine some light…

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The world is changing. It is going through a major transformation. The old world seemed more like a system of modern slavery where you were trapped and had little if any choices and options to BE and DO the things you REALLY WANT TO DO!

And I say the old world because I firmly believe that it is gradually fading away, many people are feeling it and many have yet to catch on.

The old world was full of depression, deception, lies, anxiety, hate, greed, despair, worry, and fear. Full of useless distractions that only belittled your already fragile mind.

The emerging world is starting to get tired of that and is now leaving many of those attachments behind, making room for good things that will propel our lives forward into a better way of living.

Part of the old paradigm enslaved you into thinking little about yourself, making you feel helpless, hopeless, and powerless.

feeling free in joy

You lived a life of survival and a lot of it was driven by lack. Lack of money, love, health, joy, understanding, and time. All we did was run around like rats, hence the term “rat race.”

But a lot had to do–not so much because of the system of life, and outer circumstances, but it had a lot to do with YOU!

Everything is Energy

There is always energy flowing in anything and everything whether you recognize it or not.

You can see it as light in electricity and the sun, feel it in movement, spirituality, the table that has the energy to hold your plate while you eat, a plant that gives oxygen, and positive feelings as well as negative. Everything has energy.

When you understand that YOU yourself have energy, then you begin to understand that you can chose to direct it to create a life you want, and collectively…the world we want to live in.

You are a human being that has the power to destroy or create, so why not make great things happen! Simply look at history and all the great good things that have been created by many men and women.

Enough of setting up your own excuses to limit yourself! Wake up to the energy you have within and go out there and CREATE! Make things happen!

Use all the forms of energy that power your true being, forms like motivation, drive, and your passion! Do more of what you love doing and not let anything stop you because where there is a will there is a way.

Open your mind to new information, go inward and work on developing yourself spiritually more than ever before. Why? Because when you do this you will be better equipped with the ability to discern between truthful knowledge and information vs being deceived.

You are a great being simply because you ARE! This may be hard to swallow but everything around you is only a perception from yourself, whether something like gold has value or not, or whether a person is good or evil. Change the meaning of what you give those perceptions and you can change the things…

The new paradigm is one of hope, love, understanding, elimination of barriers, and overall positive change. But just as a mother is about to give birth to a new creation, there are birthing pains that are just part of it.

The same thing is happening right now. We are going through major challenges and difficulties. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and the sun shines after a dark storm.

The world we create from this point in time is and will be a better one. All you have to do is work on yourself! Think of yourself as a beacon of light. And when we all come together, we will light the whole planet.

But it depends on every single one of us to give it momentum, and keep making it a reality that will one day be prominent and noticeable among all people in the world.

You are the change you have been waiting for. Peace.

I have put together a depiction of my learning experiences as I went through this process of awakening.

How my life of difficulty and hardship started to change direction into a more productive and joyful one.

Where the power of positive thinking fit into it all the things that started to open my eyes and change my perception of life.

Self-Empowerment Awakening will take you through my journey and hopefully inspire you to create positive change in your life as well.

Photo credit: Jesus Solana

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