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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Bad Mood That You Don’t Want to Ignore

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Being in a bad mood is often taken lightly and seen as a joke. We often make fun of our friends or family for “getting off the wrong side of the bed” or “being a little bit cranky” and generally don’t consider this to be a big deal.

Sometimes, however, being in a bad mood can be a serious problem if it occurs frequently or is constant.

Not only can being in a bad mood keep you from enjoying yourself, but it can also lead to severe depression in worse cases (or be a symptom of depression or stress), cause you to make poor decisions, and even lead you to drive your friends and loved ones away.

When this bad mood is severe, or when it comes up too often, it becomes a serious problem, and you must do something about it.

Here’s how to improve your bad mood using the right psychological tricks and techniques.

Be incongruous

A more helpful tip is to do something that is inconsistent with being in a bad mood. Watch a funny movie, sing a happy song, or act in a way that doesn’t feel good about being angry or depressed. This can actually turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy – you act happy, and suddenly you start to be happier.

Even smiling can help improve your mood due to a process known as “facial feedback.” Doing something like this is sometimes also described as “breaking the psyche.”

Let things go the right way

There are many articles and books that advise on releasing and “letting go” when you are in a bad mood. “Take out your anger,” they recommend, “by hitting a punching bag or yelling at a pillow.” Unfortunately, though there is a little problem with this tip, it is mostly unfounded.

Studies have repeatedly shown that hitting a punching bag or “venting” anger in any other way will accomplish nothing and, in fact, only anger you more and longer.

The best way to deal with anger is to make a conscious decision to “let it go” because, after all, you are not going to help anyone if you are in a state of anger. Similarly, if you are very upset, make a conscious decision not to immerse yourself.

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Do it incrementally

However, there is a small problem: you need to convince yourself to listen to that upbeat music if it is going to have any effect. This can be tricky, as your bad mood will cloud your judgment and affect what you want to do.

The solution is to be incremental: listen to more uplifting music gradually and consistently or gradually watch more inspiring shows. By doing this, you can keep yourself in a more “relaxed” state and put yourself in a better mood more often, and it won’t seem so unpleasant.

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