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The Mind & Body Technique That Could Help Ease Pain

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According to Robert, “the mind is the body, the body is the mind” meaning that they are both connected and can’t separate the two.

He indicates that many of the physical pains people experience start with the mind. The pain is created because of a historical usually negative emotional or stressful experience that has manifested itself as physical pain in the body.

When we hold on to these emotions, they essential “have nowhere to go” and so we store them in our mind, soon to start “accumulating” somewhere in the body.

Depression is sometimes due to a chemical reaction in the body but more often it is described by people via references they have from their own experience, and perception of the world.

When people change these references and they go in their mind to clear them, by changing their thoughts or “references” to these experiences also creates a change in the chemistry in the body.

Your belief system, your “references” and thoughts will either help create and heal certain pains. When the pain does not change at all, it is most likely a physical problem.

Pretty amazing if you know, a lot of people say, well a headache, isn’t that a physical problem? Right? Yes, that’s a real physical problem, so why would the tapping get rid of a physical problem.

Because it’s emotional.

I wanna help you understand and you can test this to be true, you’re sitting here and if you think it’s something that bothers you how do you know it bothers you? You feel it. Does that make sense? So the mind expresses itself through the body.

A while ago I met two ladies, they were friends. One of them was taking 12 pills for fibromyalgia. Both of them had it for like 15 or 20 years. They took 6 to 12 pills a day, some days they couldn’t even get out of bed. One time they came in to a weight loss seminar, they didn’t come to lose weight, they came to release the pain. They tapped it away.

Now, that is pretty powerful and want you to understand something really important: the mind is the body the body is the mind. You cannot separate the two unless you have a sharp axe… okay that is a joke. But I want you to understand this is all one piece, it’s not two pieces. Somebody said well well Robert isn’t depression a chemical problem? I said, that’s right, so is happiness…

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