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10 Habits Of Unhappy & Unsuccessful People

For years, scholars have been trying to understand why some people seem to succeed at almost everything they do while the rest of the world merely struggle to make ends meet. From available results from these studies, it can be seen that a certain set of habits directly or indirectly determines the level of success you can attain in life as an individual.

What this means is that you must build the right sets of habits in order to make anything meaningful out of your life.

That said, it is easy to see why some people fail no matter how much effort they put in. If your success is dependent on your positive habits, it, therefore, means your failure is determined by your negative habits. One very important step you must take to build the right set of habits is to understand the major habits of unsuccessful people and do all you can to avoid such habits.

In this post, we will help you understand some of the most significant 10 habits of unhappy and unsuccessful people. Let’s see these 10 anti-success habits next:

1. Blaming Others For Their Failures

One very common habit of unsuccessful and unhappy people is the habit of blaming everyone for their failures. For you to succeed in life, you must learn to take responsibility when things fail to work out according to plans. The moment you start blaming others for your failures, you are simply setting yourself up for a lifetime of failure and unhappiness.

2. Feeling Jealous and Envious Of Others

If you want to be unhappy and unsuccessful for the rest of your life, keep envying other people’s achievements. One important rule you must always adhere to is never to use other people’s success as a yardstick for measuring your own success. The spirit of competition can breed nothing but envy and jealousy. The only person you should compete with is yourself. Always strive to be better than the person you were yesterday. Envying others will only make you unhappy and unsuccessful in every area of life.

3. Holding On To The Past

Successful people do not have time for dwelling on past betrayals. If you want to be happy and successful, learn to forget whoever wronged you and move on with your life. Holding on to grudges hurts you more than it hurts the person against whom the grudge is targeted. Free your mind and create a conducive environment for success and happiness.

4. Not Knowing What They Want In Life

Unsuccessful people are unhappy people mostly because they feel they have no purpose in life. One easy way to fail and remain unhappy for as long as you live is to live a purposeless life. Once you lack direction in life, failure and unhappiness become inevitable. The first step to success is understanding what your life is about and knowing what you want from life.

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5. Talking In A Bad Way About People

You will never catch a great mind or a highly successful person talking about others. People who talk bad about others behind their backs are small-minded and never do wells. If you want to be happy and successful, talk about ideas, not people.

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6. Always Afraid of Change

One mark of failures and unhappy people is the fear of change. You can’t fear change and expect success. Success comes when you dare to embrace change and take the path less traveled. Being afraid of change will keep on the same spot all your life.

7. Reacting Instead of Seeking Inner Guidance

Unsuccessful people never think before they react. Anywhere you find a man who talks or acts without a second thought, that’s a man destined for a life of failure and unhappiness. This is one great difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one. A successful person will never say or do anything without seeking inner guidance. If you want to be successful and happy, seek inner guidance before you take any actions or make any comments.

8. Spending On Luxuries First

One rule of success and happiness is never to spend your income on luxuries before investing. People who spend on luxuries before spending on necessities end up unhappy and unsuccessful.

9. Making No Efforts To Learn Any New Thing

Your journey to perpetual failure and misery begins the day you stop learning new things. People who end up failing in life stop learning way too soon. If you want to keep winning and keep living, make sure you learn something new every day and avoid the trap of thinking there is nothing more to learn.

10. Failing to Learn From Past Mistakes

Mistakes are there to teach and guide you to live of success and happiness. When you fail to tap the lessons from your mistakes, you will keep repeating the same mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more unhappy and unsuccessful you become.

You can never undermine the power of habits to your success in life. It is never too late to unlearn and relearn. If you find yourself living with any of these negative habits, you can switch to the positive side and experience more wins.

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