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7 Remarkable Benefits of Green Tea According To Science

green tea antioxidant benefits

People all over the world enjoy drinking green tea, but adding to this enjoyment also comes with some great benefits. So sit back and get ready to enjoy some really good information that will make you wonder why you haven’t been drinking this tea yet.

I regularly drink it myself. I prefer this instead of coffee in the morning as I start my day, and now more than ever you yourself may want to give it a try if you haven’t yet. You’ll soon find out why as you read and learn more about its benefits.

Green Tea Health Benefits

For several years, people in China have been using this tea to combat different diseases. However, with the progression of time, today people in the West are using green tea, recognizing its many benefits.

This tea has long been respected in China for its contribution to good health. The fame of green tea in the United States continues to grow, as it is an inherent foundation of antioxidants.

These antioxidants help protect the body from accelerating aging and increasing the risk of disease. Years of studies have shown that green tea restricts the expansion of objectionable cell colonies, rendering it the healthiest tea to be acquired.

Some of the Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has many health benefits and can be used to prevent diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, infection, and compromised immune function. It helps with weight loss. It leaves augment metabolism in the body therefore intake of this tea lets you consume more calories.

Has the potential to combat bacteria, and this can be considered to be one of the key advantages. This strengthens your immune system by increasing the strength of your resistance. It also helps to destroy bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay. It can aid in the battle against food poisoning. In addition, green tea will help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels in your blood.

It also helps to get rid of bad breath. Some ingredient is present in this tea, which stunts the growth of bad odors causing bacteria. A cup or two of green tea will also help to sustain fresh breathing on a regular basis.

If you are a chain smoker, and you also drink about six cups of green tea a day, then the risk tendency induced by pollutants produced by cigarette smoke is significantly reduced.

Green Tea also helps to preserve physical appearance. With the aid of green tea, you can refresh your face and apply it around your tired eyes to make you feel relaxing. If you have stains or blemishes on your face, you can use this tea to get rid of the spots. The tea is also useful for antiseptic purposes.

It can be used to treat minor wounds, rashes and can also be used to help heal sunburn.

Green Tea is organically grown and the normal drying process prevents the tea from having adverse effects on fermentation. Many of its products are available at various strength levels.

Some supplements are made up of low strengths of active polyphons, while others go as far as using non-standard green tea leaf powder. Green tea has been reported to be loaded with health benefits. It functions as an effective antioxidant that has been identified to help prevent cancer, remove harmful cholesterol, and prevent harm from free radicals.

Green tea’s Highlights

More antioxidants

It is known to have more antioxidants than any other kind of tea, primarily due to the lack of fermentation of the leaves.

Contains polyphenols

Contains polyphenols that protect cells from DNA damage that can cause cancer, prevent tumor growth and invasiveness, protect against radiation damage and help regulate the functioning of the immune system.

Decreases the risk of heart disease

Drinking a decent amount of green tea on a regular basis will reduce the risk of dying from heart disease.

Helps protect the liver

Studies have concluded that those who drink more than ten cups of green tea a day are not only less likely to experience problems with their liver, but are also more safe against harmful drug symptoms and liver tumors.

This tea improves digestive function

EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) present in green tea helps to hold the digestive tract stable by reducing gastrointestinal inflammation.

Can help with weight loss

Can be incredibly effective as part of a structured weight loss regime.

Can significantly reduce inflammation

Cytokines are the factors responsible for inducing more inflammation in the body and can include C-reactive protein, interleukin-6, and tumor necrosis factor-a.

Improves your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels

It can improve insulin production in the body by up to 15 times the usual amount and can function with the same blood sugar regulation capacity as insulin.

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The National Cancer Institute has announced that green tea has cancer-preventing capabilities and components to fight against oxidative stress in the human body. People who relied on expensive anti-oxidant drugs found the tea to be very cost-effective and organic. Tea is one of the leading suppliers of fresh drinks, just after water.

However, if you manage to integrate green tea into your diet, as well as on a standard basis, it will allow you to get the most out of it. Put a vigorous, balanced diet and workout regimen for general fitness in green tea

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