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3 Quick Ways To Help Manage Stress Eating

stress eating

When we have a bad day or in a situation that we are not in control of, stress eating becomes a quick fix. It is easy to grab a bar of chocolate and lose ourselves in its sweetness but the effect is only short-lived.

If you are embarking on a healthy lifestyle, the calories that you’ve consumed make you feel guilty afterward and more stressed.

Our body responds to stress and as a  result, a number of neurotransmitters and hormones are released such as cortisol and adrenaline. This is also the reason we are more likely to resort to stress-eating.

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Here Are 3 Great Ways to Prevent Stress Eating

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

To combat the tiredness aspect and to ensure that you’re able to maintain your self-discipline, it’s important to make sure you are getting a full and restorative night’s sleep. This will help you to wake up feeling re-energized and will also help you to avoid getting so stressed during the day.

Find Alternative Comforts

Another trick is to find alternative ways to treat yourself when you’re feeling down. Many things can result in the release of feel good hormones. Exercise is one of the best ways to get that rush of endorphins actually – although you might not feel like doing a workout after a long, stressful day.

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Choose the Right Snacks

And if you really must snack, just make sure you’re picking healthier foods for your stress eating. You’ll want something sweet most likely as this is where you’ll get your sugar from – but if you choose fruits over chocolates then at least it won’t be empty calories that you’re consuming.

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