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How Can You Think Positive When Surrounded by Negativity?

About a year ago I had a question from a reader, it’s a very simple question. Luckily for him, I was “in the zone” inspired by this question and this is the answer I provided…

Question: “It’s sometimes hard to do think positive, when you’re living around greed, self-serving people and even crime.” “How can you even begin to think more positive in this case?”

More than a simple answer from my own surface opinion or perspective, this is a slightly more profound way of looking at it…

Yes. It can be very challenging, frustrating, demotivating and disheartening when one lives in such circumstances. But it is in these times and these less-than-optimal environments that our greatest potential to shine is also awakened. This is because if (you think about it), without challenges and difficulties there would be no growth.

To give you an example, I believe most people will agree that if one focuses on problems one will have more problems, and that if one focuses on solutions, one will have a greater opportunity of finding solutions. Yes? But why? What is the explanation behind that? Why would most people agree with this?

There are some who will say that it is because of the mentality or “mindset” one is predisposing to, and this may be correct.

But there is something even more significant than this. I think the real answer falls within many levels of thought such as scientific, mathematical, geometric, spiritual, and philosophical that bring teachings and ideas that when merged together like puzzle pieces, can give many of the answers we have been seeking for thousands of years.

Nikola Tesla for example said (according to what we know of his history) that in order to understand the universe we should think about energy, frequency, and vibration.

These may first sound as scientific words but more and more do they also have spiritual, and even practical meanings when we start to learn more about them.

Many don’t realize that on a very basic level of understanding, we humans are powerful beings capable of both, creating or destroying. And that through thought and emotion we can transcend believed to be impossible barriers.

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Our consciousness and heart have a very strong and significant connection to all life, and all creations if you will. But we have forgotten about it in our superficial and artificial lives where “cool things” supersede “natural things” where we make our natural environments adapt to us instead of us adapting to them.

Thousands of wise characters from our past have hammered it over and over but we just don’t get it…Until now it seems we are barely re-awakening. So there is hope.

The main point after all this is, start by taking responsibility for your own mind and life. Know and love yourself. Only then will you be able to start to remember the real you and where you fall in all this existence. Everyone is responsible for creating their own life, and what and who is in it.

Whatever and whoever you associate with on an intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, emotional, and physical level…you will get more of.

In other words, if you don’t like the environment you’re at then set the intention to create a better one and act upon it.

Your intentions, thoughts, emotions and senses have an energetic signature that vibrates at lower or higher frequencies…everything does for that matter. This is no longer mumbo-jumbo or paranormal, or wishful thinking. There are people doing scientific research and experiments already, such as The Institute of Noetic Sciences and The institute of Heart Math.

Although many have known for thousands of years, we have disconnected from our true essence so much that in our times we no longer use our natural internal organic “technology” to discern on what feels and doesn’t feel right and we tend to not believe anything that is not proven by some so-called credible or authoritative figure, or in other words, we only believe in something told to us by credible and authoritative entities, which can be a trap on its own. What if these so-called credible and authoritative figure does not have your best interest?

To change an experience simply think about these following questions:

  1. What makes you feel negative or positive?
  2. What experience are you ready to change?
  3. Take action

Remember that you are your own best creator and manifesting being, something inherited to us by the source of it all, whatever you want to call it.

Everything is energy, everything and everyone has a purpose. Life is what one chooses to make it, we only need to wake up from the long sleep.

We need….A Self-Empowering Awakening.

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