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11 Strange Symptoms Being Experienced By People All Over The World

evolution of consciousness

evolution of consciousness

Not only within the last few months but especially building in intensity within the last few weeks I’ve been hearing more about people describing some of these symptoms. Many in the spiritual community are well aware of some of the reasons we may be experiencing all these crazy things within our lives.

I myself started getting hit with a lot of these recently especially the sugar cravings for some weird reason. Something very unusual for myself. Headaches, weird patterns of sleep, lack of interest in being too close to excessive amounts of technology are some of the most prominent ones.

Not to mention that for approximately a whole 2 years I was seeing the number 11:11 everywhere I thought I was going nuts. This has somewhat dissipated however more recently.

All I know based on some of my own reading and research is that there are talks of our planet going into a very “special” are of our galaxy where energetic particles of some sort are beginning to hit us not only affecting humans as a whole in a accelerated growth type of way but all its inhabitants including plants and animals.

And guess another one of those things I’ve been seeing a lot more exponentially as well? Animals behaving so very differently! I’m sure some of you may have noticed but animals are appearing to be more tolerant, more loving, unusual predators are finding friendship with their pray…I’m telling you, you can either see this as the world starting to go nuts or as a very important and accelerated rate of positive evolution of consciousness we are going through.

Now let’s take a look at what those symptoms are that many are experiencing. Are you experiencing any of these yourself or have noticed it in other people?

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