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The Science of Empowement: Ending the Victim Consciousness

Epi basically means  “above” and so in this case it’s like saying that once you come to this realization of self and begin to understand who or what you are, you can  therefore raise above genetics and can begin to transmute what you previously thought was more inherited.

We are beginning to understand on many different levels such as consciously, scientifically and spiritually that we humans are more than society makes us believe.


Hello, conscious beings, which we are all. We have grown up in a world dominated by genetics and genetic modification. We’ve been taught that if we have good genes, “gah, what good genes, sturdy genes, he’ll be a sportsman, that guy, oh he’ll work in an office, that guy, you know he’ll be reliable.” ” Nice and his father… good genes “—these are the types of things you hear as a child. I mean, I might have heard something like that.

You’ve got good genes, look at your blue eyes, so we get this kind of imprinted sense that we are put in a situation and we just have to play it out, which can be accurate in many respects, but not genetically or consciously. These are aspects of ourselves that we can learn to overwrite. We can learn about ourselves by observing others.

We discover more about ourselves. We learn to take control of recurring themes in our life, or we can pluck out things that no longer serve us, spit out the pips in our own expression that no longer function for us, and become a more reformed and refrained version of ourselves.

By doing so, we become conscious if we become aware of our habits and flaws, yet we may believe that we have achieved this. I’m always cropping, but it’s like software, but we’re improving our software. The observer is consciousness. I am willing to discern your own blueprint of who you are, what your soul’s path is, and what your karmic patterns are.

You can pulverize it if you can perceive and observe it. It is pulverisable. You can shape it. You certainly can. It can be shaped. It can be similar to clay. Bruce Lipton Doctorate in cellular biology Bruce, Bruce the Great, Lipton authored a fantastic book called The Biology of Belief. He also wrote a book called The Honeymoon Effect as a result of his decades of study with cellular consciousness and cellular biology, and he’s been learning to mould himself and articulate this both scientifically and philosophically.

And he’s discovered that you can remove a cell from its surroundings and it will respond to the varmints around it. So, for example, if you take a fat cell and place it in a highly I’m not sure what example I’m going to give here. However, if you place it in a petri dish and modify its habitat, it will mimic the environment.

That about sums it up. If the environment is healthier, the cell will proliferate and thrive; if it is not, it will lose vitality and rot. It’s similar to the Japanese guy’s experiment. I believe his name is Masumoto.

Don’t quote me on this, but this guy ran a test in which you’d say “thank you” “off loves” and “namaste” with ease while ignoring separate petri dishes containing rice for him, and the consequences would vary based to the consciousness projected into the different places. And as they frequently say, remove yourself from a position, change your surroundings, and your life will improve. The truth is, we’re not robots, even though all of those things are true and really useful.

We’re admitting to consciously projecting marijuana onto our own cells. So, if we can develop the ability to be conscious of what we project in our own body with our feet, our food, and our habits, but primarily our thoughts and beliefs, about ourselves rather than each other and other things, so that we have a relationship within our experience, this will project a positive, healthy, and uplifting signal to ourselves and ourselves that we constantly produce.

Sometimes it only takes a few days for free kissing to replace all of our cells on our lips. I’m referring to the sensation we get from touching objects. Some things take seven years to complete.
I’m sure there are bone structures and whatnot, but if we can focus on rewriting our beliefs, but with our beliefs above or jeans, this is referred to as cellular biology. This is epigenetics OB, which implies awareness control above the genes, and it affects a lot, not just within the person, but also in society, since it means we are not victims of our genes. We are not instructed what we must be, what we are, or what we must become at some time.

We have the capability of rewriting. So you are all of us, billions upon billions of us. They are similar to VHS, micro discs, and hard drives. They are films onto which we can project our consciousness and thoughts in order to duplicate and transmit a frequency that allows us to be more of what we owe vision to be more joyful, more successful, more conscious, more listening, more calm, more whatever we find in whichever way we want. It could be to be more vocal, or to be more selfish.

We may teach ourselves these things by repeating them in our minds, acting on them, and living them. Every day, we become empowered rather than victims by meditating and avoiding allowing repetitious thoughts of lack, obsolete ideas, systems that keep us in cycles that do not benefit us, and being conscious of projecting out words within ourselves. How does this operate on a global scale?

That’s just beautiful because we’re just selling humanity, but as we become conscious, it’s like one cell in our body becoming conscious in the amoeba that makes humanity, and as unity becomes one conscious organism like a hive, each of us expressing our own essential, unique expression, which really contributes to society and makes a difference. That, my friends, is evolution, biological evolution.

This is true, but Darwin was unable to express it or explain how. But look at how screwed his face was. I’m not sure; I’m not an expert, but this is how we progress.
This is how we reclaim our life. This is how society rises and becomes conscious epigenetics consciousness, rising beyond the shackles, becoming powerful, not being told who we are, but becoming who we choose to be, what we knew all along. We are no longer victims.

Take back control. Be liberated. Be the love that the world needs. We are all one. I notice you. I adore you. Thank you very much.
I wish you the best of luck on your healing journey and am grateful for your time. Take care, peace.

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