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Learn to Calm Your Mind – It is Simpler Than You May Think

How to calm your noisy mind

How can you calm a mind that is constantly making noise? A mind that is always bringing us thoughts related to the past as resentments, remorse or feelings of guilt or creating thoughts associated with the future making us fearful and anxious about things that may not even happen in our lives.

Remember this: Thoughts related to the past or the future are created by the mind. The mind can not exist in the present.

In the present, you are the master. When you are thinking about the past or in the future you are the slave of your mind.

The mind is always making us spend energy with its “noise” but this was not always the case.

learn to calm your mind with simple techniques

At the beginning of human existence, the mind was at the service of the human being and only worked when ordered. Like your computer that was created based on the functioning of the human mind.

As you know when you are not using your computer, it goes to sleep. This was exactly the human mind when it was under the control of the human being. Now the human mind is like a chimpanzee jumping from the past to the future and vice versa taking us on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Remember that emotions are created by thoughts. So…If there are no thoughts, then there are no emotions!

Naturally, one of the exercises to calm the mind is that of concentration. It’s very, very simple but its benefits are exceptional, and I’m talking about physical and mental benefits. If you regularly practice this concentration exercise that you can do at any time and at any time, your stress levels will drop since your mind will be still and if the mind is quiet you will not have anxious, negative and stressful emotions for your body.

It will also help you mentally because by keeping your mind quiet, you can experience more creativity, memory and less mental fatigue. You will live a quieter and more productive life without so much mental noise.

Sit in a comfortable chair and look for a point, letter, image or any object you want to choose. Many people choose a religious or inspiring image like a lake or landscape image that inspires peace or relaxation. Rest your gaze on the object you chose, I repeat, rest your eyes on the object you chose, not staring at the object without blinking.

calming the mind from noise

You just have to rest your eyes on the object. When your mind starts to bring you turbulent thoughts, do not fight with the mind, you just have to say mentally: I do not want to think about that and then return to focus on the chosen object. The mind will continue to send your thoughts to distract your concentration.

But just keep saying the same thing: I do not want to think about that at this moment. Gradually you will begin to notice how the mind begins to understand that it must remain silent when you are concentrated, silencing its noise and learning to obey and understand that you are the one in control.

Practice this concentration exercise when you go on the train, bus, waiting room, bank, etc.

You will be surprised how your life will change with this simple exercise of concentration. In other cultures they may describe this as a form of meditation.

You can also play this video, watch the image for a couple minutes and then close your eyes, leting the background ambient music play as it calms and relaxes your mind:

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