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Numerous Studies Confirmed That People Spending Money On Experiences Instead Of Things Are Happier

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People often spend money on things, but it only provides short-lived satisfaction.

There are still times when we are still looking for more once the satisfaction we get from things subside. Without a doubt, the best things in life are not things-they are experiences.

We may have money to spend on shoes, bags, clothes and a few of our favorite things, but if left unchecked, they can develop into a bad habit or addiction.

We can end up buying things that are unnecessary just to obtain a sense of satisfaction. Afterwards, we feel guilty for spending much.

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This kind of feeling does not provide you genuine happiness but temporary happiness. If we spend money on experiences, we treasure good memories and build more with the significant people in our life.

Pleasant experiences also contribute to creating a positive outlook in life that continues to grow as we invest on experiences instead of things.

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