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Understanding This Could Be The BIG Difference Between A Healthy Or Unhealthy Mind And Body

Auric field in leaf

Auric field in leaf

You Are Light And May Not Even Know It.

There are huge implications to beginning to understand this concept. This can be a enormous booster to the comprehension of  your mind and body when we begin to really look into more of the inner workings of nature and our own bodies.

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables in their natural form  is generally healthier than cooking them, but do we really understand why exactly? It may well go beyond simply assuming that the vitamins are killed in the cooking process.

There is another element that goes far beyond this basic knowledge. This not only could apply to healthier bodies but healthier minds too, making the difference between misery and joy.

I am no scientist but this information strikes a deep chord within me and would encourage you to begin doing your own research after you read this.

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