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You Can’t Change The Other Person’s Character But Here Is Something You Can Change

you can't change others

you can't change others

Many people mistakenly believe that they can change other people, but in most instances all they accomplish is alienating them.

People generally don’t like to change, and when change is suggested by someone else especially if not asked for it is often taken in an offensive way.

Suggesting change can damage a relationship irreparably and fail to accomplish anything worthwhile. You cannot change other people but you can change yourself.

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This is the first course of action I would take before making any suggestion that the other person change.

Perhaps I need to change to better accept the person and try to understand why they do what is objectionable. I need to examine closely the reasons which are behind their actions. I may want to look at myself to determine if I am being too judgmental.

I certainly want to evaluate a friendship for example, so I can determine if any change I can make will be worth the effort to keep the friendship alive. Most often it will!

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