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7-Week Baby Hears With Hearing Aids For The First Time

baby hears for the first time

Lachlan was diagnosed as having moderate to severe hearing loss when he was 7 weeks old. While he can see what the world has to offer, he can’t hear sweet laughters, beautiful music or anything that pleases any human ear. It was just heart-breaking especially for a parent to find out that their child does not have the ability to hear.

When Lachlan finally receives his first hearing aid, his initial reaction was really priceless. He finally hears his mom speak for the first time. The joy of getting back his sense of hearing is written all over his face. It was indeed something that can bring happiness to every parent.

Hearing loss is as debilitating as any other disability but with love, support and care, a person will disability will find the courage to live a normal life. Lachlan is already two years old and there is still a great life ahead of him that any disability cannot take away from him.

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