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When Money Is Scarce In Your Life, It’s Time To Change One Primary Thing.

Money is one of the most prominent things most people deal with on a daily basis but it becomes especially problematic when there is a lack of it, and it can go as deep as being described as the cause of poor health, and destroyer of marriages & friendships.

Some people have even called money “the root of all evil” but is it?

It’s not exactly encouraging when you are struggling to pay the rent, the bills, and all the everyday expenses like food just to survive another day and get by.

Even worst, having to live this way week after week, month after month, and even year after year.

Suddenly you start asking yourself “Why in the heck does it have to be this way?”

It doesn’t have to and it’s time to change your perception.

To change your perception first of all, it all depends on what you value. What you value can come in many forms. Abundance doesn’t only come with money but true abundance comes from having the things you value such as your family, friendships, joy, happiness, adventure, career, pets, etc.

The second thing is that money is just another form of energy that you can learn to work with. Just as you practice to get good at soccer per say, you can practice to manifest money. But it all depends on how important it is for you and the actions you take to get you there.

Third, the way you feel about money can also determine the energy that will either keep you broke, or manifest it in your life. When you have negative feelings and condemn money, chances are you will continue to feel that way especially because not very much will be coming down your way. But if you learn to see it in a more positive way such as seeing it as a stepping stone for you to achieve greater things that can help you and others, then you have changed the harmony associated with it and have therefore opened it’s flow so it can start coming to you.

In the world you see unhappy wealthy people with tons of money, and you see very happy people with very little money if any at all. So the question is…

What Do You Want?

When money is scarce


When you answer this question, you have essentially created a goal to aim for. Now it’s a matter of taking the actions to get you there.

One thing you need to realize is that you are an unlimited creative individual and when you put your focus, intention and energy to a thought, you start getting the ideas, the drive, and motivation to get whatever is it that you want to manifest.

The point here is to be laser-focused on your intention to achieve your goal.

Remember that focus is the key, because if you are aiming for a general and vague “goal” then “vague” results you will get. You’ll need to define your goals first so that you know where you’re going.

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