4 Habits Keeping You Poor Even With A Reasonable Income

financial difficulties

You know you have a decent job that allows you to live conveniently without trying hard to make ends meet. However, you always can’t help but wonder where your money went. You find yourself counting the days for your next paycheck to arrive.

You know you are earning enough but why are you always broke? If you are into this type of scenario a few days after payday, you might want to check your spending habits as those might be causing you to become financially stressed.

A lot of times, you may be spending on small stuff that you often see as insignificant, but if you take some time to analyze your spending oftentimes you will find that all these “small things” add up! In the end you will find that you may not need many of these small expenses.

Much of it takes one being responsible to take command of one’s own spending habits. There is also a ego component where we are programmed to consume, this is the reason you buy a lot of stuff you honestly don’t even need.

But let’s take a look at these 4 awesome tips to help with this challenge of not knowing where in the heck your money goes…

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