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Your Education Should Not Be A Barrier That Prevents You From Succeeding In Life

school education

school education

When bringing up a child, parents will often insist that their children pay more attention to their academics if they are to succeed in life. The truth is that education is indeed a stepping stone to success, more so today. However, there is indeed an exaggeration of how important an ingredient education is to success.

Education, by its dictionary meaning, is simply the art of passing knowledge, skills and habits from a previous generation to the next. If this constant is held through the generations, then the level of education should be the same in all generations.

Consequently, if education should guarantee success, the level of success should be the same for all who had this knowledge or habits instilled on them.

But that is nothing close to the reality! It turns out that those who actually succeed are those that think out of the box to cultivate their success using their education.

Take for example the Facebook founders. If they’d stuck around through university feeding on the information taught, they might as well have ended up working for random firms. Instead, they thought out of the box, and managed to come out with a product we all appreciate with today. If I were to go on about the number of people to whom education was a mere lift, the list would be endless.


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