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How Destructive Can Our Thoughts Be?

two wolves analogy

two wolves analogy

Q: Could you tell me please, how destructive can our thoughts be? And how the power of positive thinking can enhance our lives and change our world ?

A: Our thoughts can be as destructive as we allow them to be. A negative “thought force” can destroy a brick, a house, a city, or even a country! That’s how much power thoughts can have.

On the same token, a positive “thought force” can create a brick, a house, a city, or a country in a more peaceful and prosperous way.

Your own thoughts dictate your own life, our collective thoughts dictate life in the world as a whole.

Collectively, we can destroy or create within our world.

The more we fall into negative or unproductive thinking, the more negative things they can create in our lives and in the lives of others.

Negative thinking not only affects us emotionally but it has serious effects on the physical body as well. Studies have shown that a very high percentage of doctor’s visits are related to stress. Mental stress deteriorates the body to the point of “allowing” diseases to enter more freely.

But going deeper than that, the continuous development of habits and beliefs fueled by negative thinking can lead o a very destructive part of ourselves. This deeper part is what I like to refer as “being in the hole.” A hole because we can fall so deep in it that almost nothing around us seems good anymore, we lose hope and begin to feel helpless. Nothing seems to make us much happy if at all, and we start to see the world as a really bad place to be in.

We may start blaming everyone else around us, any outer circumstance is to blame for our misery. Screw the world! We also start falling deep in depression and are very harsh on ourselves blaming our own actions for our misery. As you can see this becomes a vicious never-ending circle where our emotions are all over the place…we cry, we are full of rage, depressive, nostalgic, feel like crap, we see ourselves as worthless, and even as being unable to be loved. Whether we blame others or ourselves deeply, it’s all negative…Or is it?

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