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How To Change The 4 Negative Thinking Patterns

Your thoughts are truly powerful. Change them and you’ll literally change the world you’re living in.

If you think that life is wonderful, you’re likely to notice and appreciate the wonderful things in your life and vice versa. It all comes down to your thinking pattern.

Positive thinking patterns enable you to have better relationships, achieve greater success, and live a happy and more fulfilling life. On the other hand, destructive thinking patterns, which are usually made of negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, can have devastating impacts on the every area of your life.

For instance, such thoughts can damage your mental health, mood, relationships, and your general outlook of life.

If you’ve been stuck in the same old negative thinking habits, know that it’s possible to move forward to a more positive and happier life, you just have to be willing to change how you think.

Here are 4 destructive thinking patterns that have been holding you back and how to change them.

The ‘Life is shit’ Thinking pattern

Everything in life is bad, everybody is not to be trusted and nothing good will ever happen to them e.g. “I won’t get that job, the interviewer didn’t like me, I didn’t particularly like them anyway.”

That’s not a very productive way of thinking, and it’s even unrealistic as well. Even if let’s say thinking positive about something is wishful thinking, what do you think happens when you use the “life is crap” model? Well you will only affirm it to yourself and crap it will be, and not only that but you will also experience things that will only “prove” it for you and are going to make it a “self-fulfilling prophecy” for yourself.

The ‘Unsubstantiated conclusive’ Thinking pattern

You tend to make a lot of conclusions without any evidence to back up your conclusions. This can be a really destructive pattern as it can limit you in seeing reality for what it is e.g. “He walks a bit funny, he must be gay.” (I actually heard someone saying this about a colleague last week).

The saying that says “assume” means you make an “ass” of “u” and “me” is pretty much spot-on. Much of our assumptions aren’t based on something we know for sure and it has nothing to do with our intuition either, assuming leads to more issues and potential problems more often than not.

So especially If you are running your life using “assumption” as one of the main ways to gauge things or people around you, then it might not be the best thing to keep on doing and it’s best to stop assuming all the time. Take some time to find some of the actual facts before you make any assumptions.

The ‘It’s all my fault’ Thinking pattern

You see yourself as being the cause of everything bad that has happened e.g. “It’s my fault he left me for another woman.” You’ll notice this type of person does not take responsibility for the good things that happen.

In other words, this often has to do with people who have cultivated a victim-like mentality, who are always blaming others and even themselves for all the bad things that happen to them in their life.

Many experiences we go through our lives are out of our control, and this is why it makes sense to take responsibility for the good things that happen, we experience good and bad things all the time but when all you focus on the bad then we tend to attract more of that because we are essentially putting more focus and energy on them.

The ‘They’re all wrong’ Thinking pattern

You see everyone as incapable of doing anything right and your way is the best way to do it e.g. “He can’t do it right, I’ll stay late tonight and fix it when he’s gone.”

The first stage of changing is to recognise the problem – You will find a lot of people in life who just don’t think there is a problem so there is no need to change. If this is you then do nothing. If you want to change you must think there is a need and you will start to recognise what things that need to change and it usually starts with your perception of life.

Everybody’s perception of life is different, therefore everyone’s reality is different. I don’t live in the same world as you and you don’t live in the same world as me. That might sound a strange concept to some people, but think about it for a few minutes, it could change the way you see the world.

Everybody’s view of the world is different and it all comes down to the thinking patterns you use in your daily life. If you think life is wonderful you will notice the wonderful things in your life, if you think life is shit you will find shit things about life.

Change your thoughts and you literally change the world you are living in. First you have to recognise your destructive thinking pattern.

Changing the Negative Thinking Patterns

How can we begin to change our negative way of thinking patterns?

There are many ways to do this, and one of the first fundamental things can be to simply begin taking responsibility for our own life.

Remember that everything that you experience has a way to affect you, it can be in a good or bad way. But you have power to decide how. If you have a negative experience you can always make the decision to learn from it instead of having it drag you down.

That is simply one way to change a bad experience that will only contribute to the creation of an overall negative perception of your own experience in life…If you let it.

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