What An Open Mind Does With Negative Emotions

feeling spiritual and at peace from the rest of the world

As we live life, we cannot help but experience trials and challenges that can trigger negative emotions.

These emotions are inevitable because human as we are, there are so many situations that can trigger them. However, as we become more open-minded and even spiritually open, our experience with these negative emotions become a lot less. And we have a higher state of mind that is better equipped with dealing with them.

For instance, when you are angry, you are more likely to be reactive as you do not know how to manage your anger.

Most people with a closed mind are easily taken over by these types of emotions. Reactive means they react without much control. On the other hand, when we expand our mind, our natural ability to deal with difficult emotions is increased.

At this point emotions like anger are felt like everyone else but they don’t have the same effect. We are able to take power and control of emotions instead of reacting.

Once you become spiritually open, you are more connected with your inner self. Although you get angry, you already know how to take care of it. How to de-intensity the feeling and not let it take control.

There are other emotions that you may be able to handle once you are spiritually open minded such as insecurity, fear, hatred, jealousy and anxiety.

As we become more open-minded, we also become a much better person as we live life. These are some of the most common negative emotions we start to experiencing less and less as you become more spiritually awakened…

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The road to spirituality is a very conscious path. It enables us to be present, to live in the now, and to take a breath when the going gets tough.

Anger, on the other hand, is a reaction brought on by your subconscious. You’re not carefully considering a response here.

While you may still experience anger as a spiritually open person, at least you can allow the conscious brain to take care of it. This way we aren’t merely reacting.


Setting and attaining goals in life is a frightening proposition, as It forces us out of our comfort zones.

Even going through a normal day, however, can be scary. We never know what’s going to happen in life, but an enlightened person is more open to the endless possibilities that are out there.

The most poignant fear might be that of failure.

However, those who are spiritually awakened can accept that failure will happen sometimes. Also, they are not necessarily failures, but things that had to happen to get where we are now!


Spirituality allows us to be one with our true purpose. You experience a lot less anxiety when you are living life on your own terms.

Anxiety comes into play when we’re living a life that we are not connected to: working jobs that aren’t within our own truth, having acquaintances not aligned with our sensibilities, and spending time doing things we don’t want to be doing.

Part of spirituality is also being able to calm down and center, which is the antithesis of anxiety!

Are you on a spiritual path? What have YOU lost, and why was it a good thing?

Becoming a more spiritual person doesn’t have to involve religion per say. It can be a way of living where we are more attuned and connected with our inner self. Seeking a higher understanding of things. From an unbiased, or judgmental attitude.

If you’re ready to get started to developing a more open mind, I recommend the free guide: As You Think You Become to learn more.

source: Spirit Science

Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn / VisualHunt.com / CC BY

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