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The Secret To Enlightenment Where You Least Expected It

Have you ever asked yourself why bad things happen to you? Or contemplated the thought that there must be something wrong with the world?

You’re not alone, and although the world seems to be going nuts for the most part in many instances, there are things you can do to get less sucked-in into the drama.

This drama is one where we find ourselves continuously stuck in a mode where instead of evolving as better human beings, we appear to be going backward, devolving.

But why? What is going on with our world today? And what does all of it have to do with you and every single human being in this world?

Where things are going wrong

Here’s the way I see it: There is something wrong with the world mostly because there is something wrong with its people! There is greed, violence, and an overall culture of big egos, and superficiality.

The more we sink into all that, the more bad things we see around the world, and it’s because of a lack of balance. We are creating experiences mostly from our heads and less from our hearts.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The good news is that it all can be changed! One of the first things is to be yourself, but do take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, be the creator of your own experiences and rely less on others, creating them for you.

One of the best things that make our world unique is the diversity in it; we all can contribute ideas, philosophies, talents, and actions. We can all constantly learn from each other because of our differences, so to put it simply, just be yourself.

The goal of spirituality

The ultimate goal of our quest on spirituality is enlightenment, which is what we all want to achieve. But why do we seek enlightenment? Perhaps because we currently believe that we are not yet what we should be, we are not yet enlightened. What could be the reason we have this impression?

In the first years of our lives, it never occurred to us that we needed to change, we had to become another person, that is, we needed enlightenment. Then, at some point in our life, this desire has grown within us. It is necessary that we examine the circumstances and the reasons why this emotion has appeared within us because it is this same emotion that prevents us from waking up.

It is the essence of our nature. This spiritual quest, though, diverts our attention to this imaginary and future state of consciousness that we believe is enlightenment. In a way, the spiritual search separates us and moves us away from our true nature. Therefore, we are unable to achieve enlightenment through the process of spiritual search.

Enlightenment is, as we can see now, our true nature within us. But what really is our true inner nature? Sadly, in our spiritual quest, most of us have been distanced from it; so much that we have even forgotten it.

However, it is permanently present in our life, but we simply ignore it. We always call our attention to something, something we have to deal with, so we rarely bother to look at ourselves going to that space within.

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