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10 Emotions That Give You Energy Or Drain You Of It

Dealing with emotions can either be draining or actually give you energy.

Because of this, we should acknowledge every emotion we feel and be able to use them to bring out the best in us.

All emotions have a purpose, even negative emotions can help you by giving you contrast.

A feeling of loneliness can be seen as negative, but in essence, it can teach you to appreciate when you are surrounded by people.

Here are a few emotions that can drain you of your energy if you allow them to consume you; or give you positive bursts of energy.

1. Feeling Worthless

When you feel that you are of no value, your self-esteem is lowered.

A feeling of being unimportant can be overbearing and weigh down on you.

When you allow others to define what you are worth, you will always think you aren’t meeting their expectations.

What you are doing here, is giving away your power and allowing others to define you even when you know you have certain traits.

When you feel this way, the thought becomes stuck in your mind, and ultimately you become dependent on others when it comes to your emotional state and are afraid to let go of this thought or feeling, taking responsibility of your own being.

2. Lost

Feeling emotionally lost means you have no direction on what to do in any situation.

You are not able to see the right decision to make.

Being emotionally lost is a feeling that can be scary when you do not see how to get out of it.

It leaves you scared to live out or follow your dreams for fear of not knowing where those dreams will take you next.

Not only will this drain you emotionally, but it leaves you stagnant and lacking the ability to move forward.

3. Love

When you feel love, you enjoy every moment of it.

Love is an emotion that makes you feel relaxed, centered and full of energy.

It gives you motivation that allows you to grow and improve all aspects of your life, including your job.

Some say that love is the greatest force or power there is.

When you start to understand the nature of existence, and the true value as a being that is part of all creation, you start to realize that love is perhaps the greatest force, but it goes way beyond what many see as “romantic” love.

Feeling love encourages your entire being to become love.

4. Peace

Inner peace is an emotion that you have a choice in feeling.

Regardless of what conflicts surround you, you can release yourself from them.

You do not have to react to the anger or harsh words of others.

When negative things are going on, you do not have to let them dominate your life by taking away your inner peace.

You can open yourself up to a peace that remains regardless of your emotions or drama.

You start finding peace when you start becoming wise and begin to understand that everything has a purpose.

5. Overwhelmed

This feeling can cause a lot of stress and allow you to feel burdened.

This emotion comes when you feel you are not doing enough or moving fast enough.

It also comes when you feel you cannot overcome certain challenges that are coming your way all at the same time.

You feel trapped, hopeless and helpless.

Know that you are your best or worst motivator, acknowledge when you are overwhelmed and slowly take a hold of the situation.

Remember that whatever you focus on you will create more of, so focus on a task at a time, focus on solving one problem at a time.

Focus on solutions, and not on the problems.

6. Happiness

Happiness gives you some of the best and the most energy.

It even allows you to forgive, go after your dreams and most importantly, makes you healthy.

One of the great things about this is that it can be contagious, most people like being around a person who is radiating joy and happiness all the time.

And most people also despise being around a negative person who complains, gossips, whines, or is plain mean.

You can always feel the vibes around any particular person when you are grounded and centered.

Overall, happiness is an emotion that makes you a better person.

7. Depression

Being depressed drains you of your energy, simply because it takes so much energy just to have this emotion.

It is one of the worst emotions because not only are you severely hurting yourself but you also begin to “infect” others around you.

It consumes you to the point of not having energy for anything, including happiness.

Realize that often times it takes the same energy to sink yourself in a dark hole unable to escape, and choosing to look up instead and rise to the top with a positive attitude.

All it could take is a small effort on your part to begin to ask internal questions, then the magic comes when you actually start looking for the answers.

I was able to get out of depression by beginning to question everything. I began to question things within me such as: What is the purpose of life? Why do we suffer? Why do bad things happen to me all the time? Why do I exist?

When I started to look for the answers, everything began to change. With every book I read, every piece of knowledge led to another.

My curiosity was sparked. And slowly depression and other negative things within me started fading away. I was able to “tip the scale.”

You can too start waking up to your true potential.

8. Anxiety

This is an emotion that comes from a hidden place.

You may not know why you feel anxiety or fear without an exact reason.

This can be a mixture of emotions that you try to find ways to ignore, but cannot.

The secret here is that this “hidden” anxiety that you feel you cannot help comes from a deeper state of consciousness within you.

It comes from your subconscious mind. This is the part that is operating within you most of the time without even knowing it.

All that you have learned from childhood up to this point, in conjunction with your habits, beliefs, experiences and actions…Develops your subconscious mind.

To begin to overcome anxiety, you need to heal the negatives, and you need to start re-writing a new reality for yourself, a new program.

9. Grief

An emotion caused by a loss leaves you feeling exasperated.

It is okay to feel grief for a short period of time, but this is an emotion that can drain you if you take too much time feeling that loss.

Like I said before, all emotions have a purpose and many are meant to allow you to see the contrast.

It is ok to feel grief, it is part of life, and part of the healing process.

But once you have given yourself enough time, it is time to thank the cause of the grief, be in gratitude for the good things you got out of it.

A much better place you will find when you know to be in gratitude of what good things you learned from that experience.

10. Joy

Joy is a feeling that motivates you, making you feel that you can do things better than ever.

You feel strong and live to reach your potentials.

Joy gives you energy and ambition.

Remember, any emotion that you hold onto will trap itself within you.

Learning to release emotions that are draining makes room for those things that bring you a feeling of pleasure, joy and happiness.

The human consciousness seems to have been designed to be a being capable of experiences a  great multitude of emotions, but that is what makes us special.

It is this that makes us wise until we reach a point of higher understanding and purpose for all that is.

Photo Credit: Damian Gadal

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