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The Medicinal Smoke Uses You May Not Have Heard About

One of the only times that stayed in my mind about burning of herbs is that scene in the movie La Bamba about the “curandero” or “medicine man” burning what looked like sage and doing some smudging on the guy to clear off negative energy and bad vibes.

A lot of the native people of old used this as a regular practice to cleanse all those bad energies from the body, or perhaps from their aura field.

But to the emerging western world, all this just looked like some sort of sorcery or was even viewed as a superstitious tradition of uneducated people in other cases.

But now it seems we were the uneducated, and we gradually lost all understanding of these practices and what they did. Now it is starting to come back stronger than ever.

People are starting to get more and more interested in these topics, they are starting to get more interested in things like astral travel, yoga, spirituality, natural healing, and all the benefits that these bring into our lives.

Well, it seems that not only that, but now there are studies being published that give more credibility to these ancient practices.

For example, there was a study that showed that burning havan sámagri, which is a mixture of various dried herbs, roots and leaves in a room for about an hour, reduced the bacteria in the air by close to 95%. Can you believe that?

This means that clearing negative energy and bad vibes is not just one of the things this practice of burning herbs could bring as a benefit to us, and now we’re looking at more tangible benefits that will make even the toughest of skeptics raise an eyebrow to the smudging and cleansing with herbs for example.

So on with the study, I learned that for a good 24 hrs, the room remained clean, and that is not all by the way. Many strains of bacteria that cause diseases that were present in the room before could not be found even after 30 days.

The people who this the study (National Botanical Research Institute in India) said:

”We have demonstrated that using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space,”

The sage herb for example, which also appears to be present in the mixture is also used as a strong antiseptic and also as anti-inflammation when taken internally.

People have even burned sage to produce smoke that scares away many annoying insects and acts as a repellent for bad energies.  

So next time you think about purifying the air in your home, why not look into this interesting practice. Just be cautious, do some research and use your best judgment when attempting any of this, you don’t want to be present in a closed space inhaling smoke for an hour. This practice is merely to bring it to your awareness as it appears to have some positive benefits.

Now you’ll have the best of both worlds, the energetic/spiritual and now even the physical benefits that it brings. You can now clear off negative energies and vibes while at the same time purifying the air.

Have you, or do you currently use medicinal herbs at home? This is a great way to clear bad vibes and stay healthy and it might be a good time to try it if you haven’t.

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