Why Are Sensitive People Special?


Some people out there have a heightened state of sensitivity and can feel emotions on a deeper level than the average person.

Emotional intelligence is often a higher step of evolution in sensitive people

Have you ever been told to stop being so sensitive, come down on those emotions, or not to take things so seriously?

If you said yes, then you are likely a sensitive person. Sensitivity is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s part of what helps us form and nurture relationships. It allows us to appreciate and better understand every living thing.

However, for those who are overly sensitive, life can be a bit overwhelming, especially in this world that is yet to understand them.

But, everything isn’t all bad for sensitive people. They’re blessed with several unique attributes, which give them an advantage in this life.

 We could say that the majority of human beings in adulthood who feel bad inside (which is due to an infinite amount of causes), is because they do not know the tools of emotional intelligence. The tools used to manage their thoughts, emotions, relationships, Circumstances, and fears.

This is because they are not in conscious contact with their essence and because from a flat perspective of 3rd dimension of consciousness, they fail to glimpse the transcendence of everything that happens in their evolutionary journey in their daily life.

It is very striking how many of the virtues we have as children we are repressing, covering, hiding, misrepresenting, manipulating, denying, judging … and then, after all, we go through in life, hopefully, recover them again. If you reflect upon it a little, it is a bit absurd to go through all that effort of suppressing what was once natural.

Here’s why sensitive people are special and how their emotional intelligence can be developed…

Highly Sensitive to Other People’s Feelings and Emotions

The ability to sense other people’s emotions is a powerful asset for sensitive people.

They’re able to help others who are in emotional pain, even when they’re trying to hide their own real feelings.

When walking down the streets, or working in the office, probably, someone has asked you, “Is something bothering you?” and you replied, “Yes, how did you know?”

That was a sensitive person trying to help you because he or she felt your emotional pain.

I think most, if not all, people dream to have such a skill, and that’s a reason for sensitive persons to be proud of who they are.

More Compassionate

Because sensitive people have the ability to sense other people’s emotions and feelings, they are in tune with the feelings of others on a much deeper level than most people.

This makes them great teachers, counselors, managers, and even parents.

People are at ease around them because of their gentle, loving, and compassionate nature.

Of course, they do need time to recharge more frequently than others because of their high sensitivity.

The compassion often found in highly sensitive people is what helps to keep the rest of the world in balance.

Very Creative

They are able to go deep into their emotions and can express this through various creative ways.

According to Psychologist Elaine Aron, who is the author of “The Highly Sensitive Person,” approximately 20% of people are very sensitive, and 70% of them are introverted, a trait that also encourages creativity.

Because of their creativity, sensitive people make great artists, actors, teachers, musicians, and even writers (yes, I am also sensitive too!).

Some of their ideas are so unorthodox and unique and are sometimes met with surprise, as you would expect, but this doesn’t dampen their spirits.

On the contrary, it only makes them more creative.

Rich Inner Lives

These people are also more in touch with their inner self and emotions.

They know themselves on a much deeper level because they pay great attention to their inner voice.

Because of this trait, they’re more cautious when making decisions, and are able to care about their health better because they listen to their self.

Overall, sensitive people have a purpose in this life. They were born sensitive for a reason.

They are special. Sure, there are certain life aspects that they struggle with, like, public speaking or socializing, but the advantages far outweigh the challenges.

They are gifted with so many unique qualities that make this world a better place to live in. So, be proud of yourself if you’re sensitive.

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